September 13th: A Sewing Day!

Another sunny weekend-day has come to an end and today I finally got stuck into some sewing!

As the early afternoon rolled over, I fired up the iron, got my machine in working order (new needle, full bobbin and full thread on top), pressed all of my fabrics and begun the task of making my Notting Hill House Mini!


Ooo, isn’t it just the loveliest thing!!

I found, just like the Pandamonium Mini Quilt, there was a lot of cutting before the sewing could begin. But being as I’m a total loser for cutting (it’s one of my favourite steps in quilt making!), I was in my element as I meticulously checked and re-checked the measurements, lined up the fabric on my mat and then cut, cut, cut!

Piecing it together was a piece of cake! At almost every step in the pattern, there is a little diagram showing you what, where and how to piece all of the little pieces together to create the door, the windows and the roof and then how to bring them all together to complete the quilt top! Fab!

I was saying in yesterdays post, I wasn’t too sure on the fabrics I had chosen to use for this mini. But you know, I looked at the choices this morning with fresh eyes and didn’t change a thing! I could see that all of the fabrics I had pulled out would work brilliantly with each other!

All in all, I’m really happy with how everything came together. The door and stair section is a little wonky, but hey, it adds character! Now, I think I’m going to add a little border sashing around the outside of the house (even though the pattern doesn’t suggest that), just so that it stands out a little bit. I’m not too sure when I’ll have the time to quilt it as the week ahead is a busy one along with the weekend! I may have to pull some late-nighters to see it finished! But what ever happens, I’ll keep you in the loop!

Happy Sunday friends and I hope you all have a lovely week ahead!



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6 thoughts on “September 13th: A Sewing Day!”

  1. Lovely, I love the house blocks, and these colors are just right!
    Now, get out your embroidery and put a kitty in the window, and a flower pot! I have an old block I inherited from someone’s stash that even has some lace in the windows, and since yours is a mini it would make a lovely little wall hanging or on one of the wire stands!
    Just me, I like a little applique and embroidery, I always have some somewhere, either in the top, or with the label on the back. The handwork is always peaceful. I even put a frog on a lily pad on top of a jelly roll race quilt in watery greens and blues. Just needed him!
    Thanks so much for sharing, I enjoy your posts so much!

    Sharon in Colorado

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  2. Love the block! Turned out really cute :-)! It is looking to be a beautiful Fall day here in the states, and I will be out enjoying it. I may have to give in and download this block….

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