September 16th: Beautiful Wisteria!

Just a short little post today!

This afternoon I went out into the beautiful Spring sunshine and took some lovely photos of the blooming Wisteria trailing along our side fence! It has bloomed so insanely quick! It seems like only yesterday it looked like dead twisty branches trying to eat our fence!

Wisteria vines/bushes would have to be one of my favourite garden flowers ever! The scent, the colour, the delicate little blossoms, the bright green leaves along with it’s dramatically soft vertical hang! Oh, so pretty! What made it all look so romantic today was the brilliant blue sky that quietly hung in the background! All of these delightful Spring colours coming together simply made my heart so so happy!

After our lovely day visiting the Mt Tomah Botanical Gardens last week, I’ve totally fallen in love with taking photographs of flowers and nature, showcasing their beauty, colour, structure and uniqueness at the moment! Today I was also quite lucky to capture a few bees doing their loyal duties to their Queen and Hive! The flowers were almost swarming with them which made me feel very uneasy, as I have a slight fear of bees! (I’ll explain the dramatic and ever-so-scaring story another time!)

I hope you enjoy these photos just as much I do!

Happy Wednesday, Friends!








PS. How beautiful would these colours be in a quilt!!? Especially that last one! So gorgeous!


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7 thoughts on “September 16th: Beautiful Wisteria!”

  1. So odd to see wisteria in what is the beginning of our fall! My favorite wisteria is in Japan: our friend’s back garden pergola has a wisteria over 60 years old, planted by his grandfather after the war, and it is a single plant! it shades the garden all summer, but in the spring it is a violent riot of lavender, hanging down like grape bunches, and from their second story window it is a sea… and smells so lovely! When I purchase my next home, I am going to plant some of the new ever blooming lilacs, honeysuckle, and wisteria, sigh! Thank you for the lovely pictures, as our aspen are turning golden higher up here in the Rockies!
    I appreciate so much your sharing your time and joy!
    Sharon in Colorado

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