TUTORIAL: RJR Fabrics ‘In The Kitchen’ FPP Coffee Cups Wallhanging

Hello and Happy Friday!!


In today’s post I’m combining both part one and part two in my most recent project uploaded onto my YouTube channel featuring the new RJR Fabrics collection, ‘In the Kitchen’ by Patrick Lose. And that of course is my Foundation Paper Pieced (FPP) Coffee Cups Wallhanging!


So I thought, instead of doing two separate posts, why not join them together in a lovely huge blog post for you to come back to and have all of the info you need in one neat little package!

So let’s get into the nitty-gritty stuff and start making!

First of all you’ll need the pattern to make those cute-as-a-button coffee mugs! And here it is!

—>> FPPCoffeeCupsPattern <<—

Download it and print it off as many times as you wish! (Although for this project you’ll only need three copies!)

Next is the video tutorial where I show you how to piece them together… You’ll find that right under this video, there’s a full list of all of the fabrics you’ll need, how much to cut for each section (all of the guess work has been taken care of!) as well as a few of the tools and notions I use when I’m FPP.

Cut these amounts for each section in the template. (These amounts are to make one Coffee Cup block.)

A1: x1 4.5″x5″ rectangle
A2 & A3: x2 1.5″x1.5″ squares
A4 & A6: x2 1″x5″ rectangles
A5: x1 1.5″x5″ rectangle
A7: x1 2″x5″ rectangle

B1: x1 2″x2″ square
B2 & B3: x2 1.5″x1.5″ squares
B4 & B5: x2 1.5″ x2″ rectangles
B6: x1 1.5″ x3″ rectangle
B7 & B8: x2 1.5″x1.5″ squares
B9: x1 2.5″ x3″ rectangle
B10: x1 2″ x2.5″ rectangle
B11: 2″x6.5″ rectangle

PLUS for the opposite side of the cups and diagonal sashings, cut –
x3: 2¼”x5.5″ rectangles and
x4: 2¼”x8¾” rectangles from your background fabric.

Top Coffee Cup block
– Main print: Coffee Cups Calico in Paprika
– Line detail: Silhouettes in Butter
– Background: Quilted Grid in Salt

Middle Coffee Cup block
– Main print: Kitchenware in Fresca
– Line detail: Tile in Multi
– Background: Quilted Grid in Salt

Bottom Coffee Cup block
– Main print: Utensils in Chocolate
– Line detail: Silhouettes in Fresca
– Background: Quilted Grid in Salt

– Brother Innovis 200QE sewing machine
– Brother ¼” piecing foot
– Fiskars Rotary Blade (28mm) & thread snips
– Sew Easy Rulers
Clover Serrated Tracing Wheel
Clover Finger Presser


Moving onto part two in the project, I show you how you can finish your wallhanging with two lovely borders that frame the coffee cup trio and then how to simply sew it all up and quickly quilt it to completion!

Again, there’s a full list of all the measuring and cutting info for this part directly underneath for you to take a squizz at!


First Border –
FABRIC: ‘Silhouettes’ in the colour Butter
CUT: x2: 1½”x23″ strips and x2: 1½”x10¾” rectangles

Second Border –
FABRIC: ‘Kitchenware’ in the colour Eggshell
CUT: x2: 2¼”x25″ strips and x2: 2¼”x14″ rectangles

Batting –
FABRIC: Legacy Bamboo/Cotton Blend Batting
CUT: x1: 15″x29″ rectangle

Backing –
FABRIC: ‘In the Kitchen’ in the colour Multi
CUT: x1: 15″x29″ rectangle


And now it’s time for a GIVEAWAY**!! Whoo!!!

I have one delightful little Fat Quarter Bundle with 16 prints from the range that I would love to give away to somebody! If you want that to be you, then simply comment below answering this question:

What do you love most making in the kitchen and why?

The winner will be announced/contacted next Friday, 5th February 2016.

Best of luck!!

(PS. World-wide entries are welcomed!)



Now if you’re just as smitten with this range as I am, here are a few places online where you can get the ‘In The Kitchen’ collection!

Patrick Lose Studios

Missouri Quilt Company

Again, I would like to say a huge thank you to RJR Fabrics for giving me the opportunity to play, make and create with this fun new range!

Wishing you all a very lovely weekend ahead!

Happy Sewing, Friends!


PS. Don’t forget to check out this Pieced Apron tutorial I made using the ‘In the Kitchen’ range too!


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47 thoughts on “TUTORIAL: RJR Fabrics ‘In The Kitchen’ FPP Coffee Cups Wallhanging”

  1. I love to make dinner for my family, as many days as I get the chance to cook. It means we are all going to sit around the table together and talk.


  2. My favorite thing to make…is dinner for my family and friends! I keep a dozen or so no fail tried and true recipes with a variety of tastes that are typically quick to make. Desserts are usually something quick and easy – a cobbler, cookies, iced cake in a pan, or seasonal fruit! Thanks for the giveaway!


  3. I love baking bread for my family! I make all kinds, bagels, rolls, coarse rye bread, baguettes, but my current favorite is sourdough bread. I have two jars of sourdough in the fridge ready for the weekend’s baking.


  4. I like to bake, cookies & muffins, but I also like to cook – it mostly depends on my mood and how much time I want to spend in the kitchen vs. quilting!


  5. I like to bake, cookies & muffins, but I also like to cook – I guess it just depends on my mood and the time I want to take away from quilting :).


  6. My favorite thing to make in the kitchen is pumpkin pie. It reminds me of many things: giving thanks, being with my family, learning to make pumpkin pie from my mom, and the many memories made during the holidays. (And how much I absolutely love pumpkin pie.) 🙂 I just adore your FPP Wall hanging! It is now on my to-do list because I have a dear friend who would love one. 🙂


  7. I love to make family favorites like my great-aunt’s meat loaf; my cousin’s blueberry cake and my Mom’s bread pudding! I’m sentimental about recipes and items with family history like quilts, aprons, afghans and doilies! Glad I discovered your blog, drawn in by the coffee cups! 😀


  8. I love my Cookie Day with my Daughter and Grandkids, this is a tradition that we do each year for Christmas. I love this day and look forward to it … I also love RJR new kitchen material. I am getting the material and make me the panel and then the apron for each one of us to wear on our Cookie Day! Thank you for both tutorial, I subscribe to you this morning, and will be waiting for more of your tutorials.


  9. I love making homemade jam and jelly in the kitchen. I have done this all my life. It brings joy to my heart to look at those colorful jars sparkling in the summer sun and knowing that in the deep of winter we will have a yummy taste of summer. Can’t wait to make your wall hanging. I’ve been wanting to do something with coffee cups for the kitchen and this is perfect!


  10. Love making soups, my recent is the potato soup using a big of hash browns, love all the colors you used in your coffee hanging and would love to make some mug rigs and pot holders with it. My them in the kitchen is red, and yellow so it would go nicely .


  11. Thank you for the very well done videos for making this coffee cup wall hanging. I can see a lot of coordinating pieces that would be fun to make as well. In the kitchen, (once I have my coffee, of course) I like making different things for breakfast. Lately, crepes and ebelskivers (danish filled pancakes) are interesting me. But, I like cooking or making a variety of other things as well. Thanks, again!


  12. Since moving to the PNW ten years ago my husband and I have become coffee affeciandos and I have the perfect wall space in our dinning area for this wall hanging. I would love to make it for our home.


  13. I love this and I love the material. I am going to make it and a few mug rugs and pot holder/hot pads. What I like making most (besides coffee) in the kitchen my own garden fresh marinara sauce. I grow all the vegetables (summer squash, bell peppers, tomatoes, shallots etc) and then freeze part of it so I can have it in the winter. I also over grow my zucchinis a and cut them open long ways, scoop out the seeds and then add the marinara sauce (mixed with either meat or shrimp) and bake them in the oven but before pulling out, I sprinkle some fresh Romano cheese on top and let it melt. I have a lot of fun recipes to go with my marinara sauce and I love making it. Even people who done like meatless sauce love my recipe. Well, they say they do, they could just be being nice ha ha ha, but they do come back for seconds!


  14. Love that fabric. Patrick Lose designs some great fabric! I have been enjoying making pot holders to go on the pots. They are so great and helpful! The other thing is those cute mug rugs. I want to make a bigger one to put under the coffee maker. THANKS!


  15. I Love this so much. Thank you for sharing this with us. I love making church windows with my grandbabies. The bad part is they eat all of my small Colored marshmallows . So I always have to get extra bags . My motherinlaw gave me the recipe when I married her son 22 years ago. It goes way back in her family.


  16. I’m not much in the kitchen, but I love to bake cookies at Christmas. I make them and take them around to everyone in our small town who contribute to making life lovelier. I especially try to remember those who help out when times are hard–the folks at the vet who gave me a hug when we got heartbreaking news, the men at the power company who climbed our power pole in the icy darkness to put the line up and bring the lights back on.


  17. I don’t spend a lot of time in the kitchen anymore now that our kids grown and on their own. When I know they are coming home, I enjoy making them chocolate chip cookies.


  18. My absolute favorite thing to make in the kitchen is my Peanut Butter chocolate banana cream pie! I love baking and I love the responses I get from my family everytime I bring it to a gathering! It’s the one thing I make that people fight over the last piece 🙂


  19. Anytime I can make a meal and with the extras (leftovers), there are yummies for sandwiches, etc for another meal. Great time-saver so I can use this lovely set of fabrics you are offering! Keep up the good work. Kathy in Colo


  20. My favorite thing to make in the kitchen is cookies!! Really any kind of baking… cakes, breads, pies… but cookies are so easy and fun! 🙂 I’ve enjoyed your tutorials and I love this fabric line, I would definitely make myself an apron out of it if I win!!


  21. Oh my, I like making lots of things in the kitchen. I guess because I like to eat delicious food! Cookies are a favorite, but I try not to make them too often since I’m trying to eat healthier. And bread, but also not too often. I love trying new recipes. Another thing I like to make is potholders, which I don’t MAKE in the kitchen, but I USE in the kitchen. I also give lots of them away to family and friends because I think everybody needs them. Love your project and these fun fabrics!


  22. My favorite thing to make in the kitchen would be our traditional fried bread, blue corn mush and our traditional native tea. Something my paternal grandma would always serve us when we would stop at her house while out bike riding when we were young. Now grandma and dad are both gone but the memories are always there and her recipes will be carried on…i love your blogs and tutorials and your projects are so easy to follow. Thanks.


  23. Pie…because I love to eat it…all kinds but especially coconut chess with my additions of almonds and bittersweet chocolate…like an almond joy bar in pie form!


  24. My favorite thing to make in the kitchen would be our traditional fried bread, blue corn mush and our traditional native tea. Something my paternal grandma would always serve us when we would stop at her house while out bike riding when we were young. Now grandma and dad are both gone but the memories are always there and her recipes will be carried on…


  25. I love making homemade breads and pies. I really have to say that I find cooking to be very relaxing and you get to eat what you make


  26. I love to bake anything lemon, chocolate, pumpkin, etc…..not only because all of that tastes good but the aroma permeates the house all day long.


  27. Good morning sweet lady! cooking? definitely my grandmother’s mincemeat cookie recipe, using the jarred Nonesuch mincemeat. Good memories, good taste! sewing in the kitchen? I’ve done potholders, curtains, and even the crocheted top tea towels that won’t slide off the handles! Thank you for your generosity
    Sharon in Colorado


    1. What I like to make most in the kitchen is a new Russian tea recipe that I found on Bree Hester’s blog. It is much better and healthier than the old recipe I used about 30 yrs. ago. I have very few friends who drink coffee, but I have several who love this tea, so the cups pattern will be fun for all.


  28. i love to make big meals… and it doesn’t even matter what that meal is… because i know if it’s big… my family will be here to enjoy it! nothing beats hearing my 3 yr old grand daughter say mmmmm!! that’s good! 🙂


  29. I wasn’t sure where to leave my comment so I figured I’d leave it in both places 😉

    This turned out so cute!! those fabrics are just so beautiful – I would love to make a double oven mitt. My favorite thing to make in the kitchen is cookies. My husband loves the traditional Toll House chocolate chip cookies but he doesn’t like the chips, so I exclude those and add extra walnuts – they’re yummy!


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