I’m Amanda, a thirty-something living in Sydney Australia who loves eating chocolate.

I’m a quiet and creative being, who best likes to spend her time at home drinking tea and sewing.

I make YouTube videos and obsess over:

Living in London


All things Disney

Warm cozy jumpers

Fresh flowers



Cath Kidston


Nail polishes


You can contact me here:


13 thoughts on “ME”

  1. Hello from Fort Collins, Colorado (USA)! I have been thoroughly enjoying your Star Sampler Quilt Tutorial. I appreciate the detailed instructions (I would have been so far off track and frustrated otherwise–so thank you!). I’m fond of the fabrics you use and the pix you have with all the blocks together is wonderful! Good job!


  2. Hallo Amanda,
    I just discoverd your video Tutorial learning paper piecing. After reading and watching some german instructions I thought I would never understand this technique. But with your video tutorial I understood everything! It’s the start for many new projects! Thank you so much and many greetings from Germany

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  3. Amanda, thank you so much for taking the time to share & make these great tutorials & blogs. I’m 54 & have been sewing since I can remember but never took the time to get into quilting. I’ve always just sewn clothes & crafts. I find myself with all kids grown now but my mother has been living with me these last 3 years as she is deteriorating from Alzheimer’s. It is stressful as her caregiver & so sad to see her mind go so quickly. I needed to do something that would make me happy to relieve my stress, yet keep me at home to care for her. So I decided to learn to quilt. With the Internet & my sewing skills, I was able to find so much wonderful information to quilt on my own. Your tutorials & blogs are so easy to understand & thank you for showing me that handy dandy little finger pressing tool! I found that amazing & makes steps so much faster. Who would have thought a simple plastic wedged stick would be so useful?! 😃 I’m looking forward to your upcoming quilt along.

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  4. Hi Amanda, have just stumbled across your YouTube channel & your website the other day and just wanted to let you know how wonderful l found them. Being a long time quilter l like to have something to listen to while l’m on the longarm, keep up your great work, ( your quilts are qorgeous by the way)

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  5. Hi Amanda,
    I just sorta started getting into making crafts last year around Christmas using Felt. I’m learning how to do Embroideries and your video helped A LOT ! (7 basic stitches)

    Only question I have to ask, which might be silly… But, it’s worth asking right?
    So, Would I cut the shape of the felt I am creating with after I embroidered the craft? So for instant lets say it’s a snowman … (usually I make crafts for the children I work with or just for family), would I then draw what I am going to sew then when it’s completed before I put the backs on it; would I then cut the circles around the snowman’s shape and cut it out?

    I hope that makes sense

    Thank you!

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    1. Hello!
      Thank you so much for your great question! I think I was able to follow along with what you were trying to describe…
      So yes, trace/draw the design you want to embroider onto the felt first, then after you’ve finished embroidering it, cut it out around the outer lines (eg. around the outside of the circle if it was a snowman) and then sew the backing piece (a same sized circular piece of felt or fabric) onto the back to hide all of the thread ends and to protect the embroidered design from unraveling or catching.
      Hopefully my little explanation has made sense to you! I wish you all the best with your Christmas crafting and if you have any other questions, I’m always more than happy to help! 🙂


  6. Amanda: loving your channel; if not for you half square triangles would still be a mystery😱. I was wondering if at some time in the future we can look forward to a video on how to make a quilting sleeve holder. I just finished a seasonal series of a tree and would love to hang in my kitchen, (I too, love small quilts.). Thanks for all your tips and tricks and wonderful tutorials.

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