May 25th: Favourite Sewing Memes!

Ooo, I love a good sewing/quilting related meme! When you find a fab one that you achingly relate to, it’s like finding gold right underneath your bobbin case! (I wish! Ha!)

In this post I wanted to share with you a few of my favourites I’ve been able to come across on Pinterest. Some of them are incredibly (and very scarily) accurate while others are just down-right hilariously true!



When ever anybody calls my quilts blankets I always think of this meme! And then it makes me chuckle to my self and people think I’m weird. 🙂


I tell ya, it’s the pop culture memes that really get me! Anyway to have quilts, quilting, references to patchwork and so on mixed with movies and characters that I love, I’m hands-down in! This Yoda meme is a perfect example. Us quilters really are quite crazy in one way or another! 😀


Yeah… We’ve all been there before. Life really can suck when those darn pesky points just won’t match up!


I’ve felt this feeling way too many times before! When I finally finished my Happy Quilt, this feeling resounded in me like never before! I was so completely lost, but in a good way, you know?


There’s truth in this one… Am I right?


Every. Single. Time. Whenever I walk into a Spotlight or fabric shop! 😀


The Classic sewing meme. We’ve all seen it. We all relate to it!


Admit it. You sung it in your head, didn’t you?! So did I! 🙂


Take note boys! This is how you win over this quilter’s heart! 😉

And then this last one is dedicated to all of you who read my blog, watch my YouTube channel and share with me your wonderful makes on Instagram and Facebook!


Much love!



I made a Quilt!!

As is expected at this time of the year, the last few weeks have been filled with festive get-togethers, exciting gift making and an endless array of baking, giving me very little time to tend to my lovely little blog.

But in the last few days before Christmas, I’ve hoarded away a little bit of time to spend writing to you! And boy, is there a lot to write!

So with Tony Bennett’s Christmas album crooning in the background, let’s get down to business!

First, allow me to introduce to you my beautiful niece Amelia who was born on the 5th December.


She came into the world in a very hurried fashioned that earned her and her parents a National News worthy story! Let’s just say, they didn’t quite make it to the hospital in time! Here’s the story if you want to know more!

Next, let’s address the title of this post…

Yes indeed, I did make a quilt. And I did it in quite a sneaky type way too (you may have seen a few glimpses on Instagram!). Usually at Christmas, my close group of friends and I do a Kriss Kringle type of gift giving. So to sooth my need to make a quilt as a gift this Christmas season, I chose to make one for one of my closest girlfriends who I’ve known since high school.

Sam's Tribute Quilt

Thankfully she loved it! And even luckier, the colours went perfectly with a lot of the décor she has in her new inner-city apartment! Whoo!

The pattern I used is called the Tribute Star Quilt that I found (as a FREE download!!) on the Denyse Schmidt website! It’s quite an easy pattern to follow, choc-full of HSTs and simple squares that would look great using any print or solid fabrics.

Sometime in the New Year, I’m planning on giving the Tribute Star block another go using a few different type prints (maybe) and turning the block onto it’s point and adding corner triangles to the edges. From what I can see in my mind’s eye, I think it’ll be a little good ‘un!

What’s also kept me busy over the past few weeks are the Christmas tutorials I’ve been filming, editing and publishing onto YouTube!

Videos I’ve made include:

Paper-Pieced Christmas Trees

Handmade Christmas Felt Ornaments

Handmade Christmas Paper Crafts

Reindeer Cupcakes

The BEST Gingerbread Men in the World

Rocky-Road Christmas Tree

I’ve been putting so much time and effort into these little videos to the point where I’m quite ready to take a much-needed break once Christmas and Boxing Day arrive!

However, once Christmas is over, I’ll be getting straight back into it!

Before the month’s out, I’ll be publishing another Stop-Motion Embroidery video featuring this beautiful design from Urban Threads.

Create Embroidery

And then in the New Year, I have a ton of new quilt block tutorials planned as well as some other fun crafty ideas for you to be inspired by!

If you want to be in the loop of what, where and when I upload these video tutorials, check out my YouTube channel and subscribe to be the first notified! I would love to have you join me!

So my friends, I wish you all a very happy festive season, celebrating and making beautiful memories with your nearest and dearest!


Status: Amanda is M.I.A

Yes, M.I.A.

It sure has felt that way over the past week.

Life as I had known was put on hold last week as I had a full first week at work. (Yay! I survived it!)

This week, I have the next five days to myself! *happy dance* But this, unfortunately, is the cruel sting of casual retail work! Lots of hours one week, none the next!

So what else is there to do in my down time but to do some sewing! I’ve been longing for the day when I would be reunited with my sweet sewing machine!

The first thing I want to get stuck into is the DIY Craft series I want to film for my YouTube channel and the first project I want to launch the series with has something to do with these guys…

Source | Pinterest
Source | Pinterest

This is Finn and Jake from one of my all-time favourite tv shows, Adventure Time!

I’ve still have a few things I need to plan and finalise but I’m pretty confident my little craft idea with these guys will be ‘mathematical‘! (HIGH-FIVE to you if you get that reference!)

I will update you with more information very, very soon!

Happy Sewing Friends!




FOR SALE | Little Wallets


I’ve beaten my procrastination and have re-stocked a few new lovely little items in my madeit shop!


These little wallets have been on the go for the past month or so and have been ever-so-patient in getting finished.

During Construction!
During Construction!

I’ve listed them at $12 each with FREE postage!

Unfortunately, you can only purchase these if you live in Australia 😦

So go on, check them out – they’re the perfect size to fit in a little clutch bag when out for the evening or great to take with you if you’re popping down to the local shop or even when your on the way to pick the kidlets up from school!

Finished Little Wallets
Finished Little Wallets

If these babies go down a treat, I may be tempted to make more…lots more!

(Ok, let’s not get too ahead of ourselves!)

I hope you are all having a lovely Thursday – only two more sleeps until weekend crafting can commence!!


Happy Sewing Friends!! xx

PS. If you missed the shop link at the start of the post, you can also get there by

1. Clicking the ‘Visit My Madeit Shop’ widget to the right


2. Scroll up to the top and click on SHOP – the link will also be there!

Mini Craft Haul!

I’ve been buying so many quilting gadgets and sewing accessories over the past month or so (who doesn’t, right?!), that I wanted to share a few of them with you in something that I call:

A Craft Haul!


Item #1

‘The Quilting Answer Book’ | Barbara Weiland Talbert

I discovered this little beauty of a book in one of my local bookshops and immediately knew it was coming home with me!


I had a good little flick through it to see what it was all about…

It begins with the basic questions and answers that all newbie quilters begin with regarding fabrics, batting, tools/accessories as well as cutting, piecing and pressing and how a quilt is assembled etc.

The book also delves into answering the deeper and more advanced techniques of quilting like applique, quilting techniques and skills, embellishments, calculating your own block designs and more!

The book has been set out into easy to find and read sections that have informative diagrams and images to follow along with.

[CLICK HERE] To see more information about this book!

Item #2

Fiskars Self-Healing Double-Sided Cutting Mat | 18x24inches

I had been saving like mad and keeping my patience hat on, waiting to get this.

My previous cutting mat was getting a bit ‘rough-around-the-edges’, both sides. Because I was really impressed by the quality and features of that Fiskars cutting mat, I was on the look out for a good sale price (these baby’s aren’t cheap!).

Eventually my patience was rewarded with a 40% off Fiskars Quilting Tools sale at Spotlight! Cha-Ching!


The thing that I especially love about the Fiskars Mats is that they have the 1/8th” measurement lines as well as a dotted lines in between the solids so that accurate measuring and cutting is a breeze!


Item #3

Sew Easy Patchwork Ruler | 14×4.5inches

While I was ‘treating’ myself to a new cutting mat, I also purchased another quilting ruler.


I was looking for another one of those ‘basic’ types of rulers that can be used when measuring and cutting anything.

This particular ruler is slightly longer than the previous one I was using (tick!) and features the all-important imperial measurements (tick!).

Item #4

Clover Tracing Wheel | With Serrated Edges


When I do paper-piecing, I like to perforate the lines that I’ll be sewing over by guiding the paper through an unthreaded sewing machine. This perforation helps when tearing the paper off in the later stages of the block construction.

To avoid this time consuming step, I bought a serrated edge tracing wheel that will, hopefully, do the same kind of job as the sewing machine.

I’m yet to trial this method out so I can’t really say whether this will work with much success! I’ll keep you posted!


Item #5

Pink Thread Snips | With anti-slip grip handle

I like using these types of thread cutters. I find that they’re quicker to pick up and use and the point at the end of blade cuts closer to the surface.


These particular thread snips are unbranded and were on the cheap side, so how well they’ll work and how long they’ll last is anyone’s guess!


Item #6

‘PaintBox’ Collection by Cynthia Rowley | ‘Prism’, 50x112cm


Gosh I love this fabric! I’m sucker for anything with crisp geometric forms and bold intense colours.

As you may know, I’m using this print as the feature in my Friendship Star Quilt. Initially I only got about half-a-metre (50cm) from the meterage and realised it wouldn’t quite be enough for what I was doing (don’t you hate it when that happens!?). So I bought another 50cm for when I need it – and I will!

This print was part of a super-swish collection from Cynthia Rowley that I purchased from Spotlight. The other designs in the range are all insanely beautiful and fun…I wish I was a millionaire so I could buy them all!

Item #7

Black Acrylic Chalk Board Paint | Typo, 250ml

I’d been searching around for chalkboard paint for ages until I very randomly came across this sweet little tin in one of my favourite stationary stores.


I was happy with the price ($9.95) and the size, so I got it!

I haven’t used this product yet, so again, I’m not sure of the quality that lies within… However, I’m always on Pinterest, so I’m sure I’ll come across a brilliant craft idea to try it out on! I’ll share that too when the time comes!

I also filmed a video of me chatting about all of these products on my YouTube Channel!

All of these products, except the book and chalkboard paint, I purchased at Spotlight – usually when there was a catalogue sale or storewide sale.

I haven’t been paid or asked to review/chat/share these items. Everything written is my own opinion, experience and thought.

Moving on, I have new quilt block tutorial coming out later this week!!

Here’s a little glimpse…

Mystery Block...
Mystery Block…

Ooo, what could it be!?!?

Stay tuned for more!

Happy Sewing Friends!


PS. You can also find more of me, my work and patchworky dreams here –






TUTORIAL | Four Patch Block

Good Morning!!

Here’s another little tutorial for all of you to peruse at…

Do you know of anyone who is just starting out in patchwork and would benefit from watching some quick information-filled video tutorials?

Well, by all means share this with them! I make these tutorials specifically with those people in mind!

See the playlist here to watch more of my quilty tutorials!

On to other things, it’s summing up to be a few busy days of sewing and quilting ahead as I’ve been invited to lead the sewing/patchwork/quilting demonstrations at my local Spotlight store on Saturday as part of their Sewing Fest/Craft Month celebrations!


I’ll be demonstrating basic techniques such as how to quilt and bind a quilt along with how to construct a few selected 9-Patch Blocks designs.

It should be a fun day and I’m really looking forward to it!

Look out for a post some time early next week to see what I got up to that day!

Happy Sewing Friends! xx

I Don’t Just Make Quilts…

I’m also a happy ‘crafter’!

Out of the different crafty things I like to make, the most favourite thing I love to create is wooden jewellery!

There’s something about working with an ‘organic’ type of medium that solely captures me…

I love the simplicities of their texture and aesthetic, the complexities of their shape and size, their smell (is that a bit gross to admit??) as well as the sound that the wooden beads make when softly clashing together.


Now this type of crafting isn’t rocket science!

To make, I simply use millinery elastic (or hat elastic) and a whole bunch of wooden beads.


IMG_0629I then proceed to thread them on, tying a solid knot with the two ends once I’ve reached the desired length! (Think back to the days of when you would thread painted dry pasta onto string! Ahh, those were the days!!)

It’s a super simple method but one hundred percent effective!

The itch to make something new for myself came when I was innocently perusing the craft aisles in Spotlight and came across a huge bag of mixed wooden beads for $4! Bargain! And knowing I already had millinery elastic at home, I knew I was onto some cheap crafting fun when I got home!

So here’s what I’ve made! Just a few easy-to-wear bracelets and necklaces…





Happy Crafting Friends!! xx

Day 12 of 12 Days of Christmas Crafts

Happy Christmas Eve!!

And with that comes the very last day of 12 Days of Christmas Crafts!

(There’s mixed emotions floating around here…)

Like I said yesterday, this craft is the simplest of the lot and will literally take you 5 minutes or so to complete! (Go on, give it a go right now!)

So with that said and all videos uploaded, I would like to take this moment to wish you all a very Happy Christmas (and prosperous New Year!) and to also give my deepest thanks and appreciation for all the support and lovely, kind words you’ve all sent to me over the past year!

It truly does mean a lot!

Happy Sewing Friends!! xx

Day 11 of 12 Days of Christmas Crafts


It’s Day 11 already! And in 2 days time it’ll be Christmas!

Todays festive project is what I made and gave to some very special friends of mine.

I filled each bag with a bottle of some organically produced Shiraz (I bought it because the label looked pretty!) and hung a little Hessian Bird Tree Ornament from the neck of the bottles.

The final product will be in my Handmade Christmas Low-Down blog post that I’ll write and publish after Christmas!


So tomorrow comes with the last Christmas Craft episode of this little series!

I can’t wait to share it with you – it’s one of the most simplest projects yet!

Until then…

Happy Sewing Friends!! xx

Day 10 of 12 Days of Christmas Crafts

Day 10 is here!!

Holy-Moly, can you believe it’s only 3 more days until Christmas?! Oh my!

Surprising, I’m pretty much ready for the big day. I have a few cooking chores to do over the next few days but apart from that, I say ‘bring on the big day!’

If you’re still stuck on what to get that special someone aaannnddd you’ve got a knack for sewing up some quick seams, stay tuned for tomorrow’s Christmas Craft…it involves a bottle wine!

Happy Sewing Friends! xx