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MINI BLOCK QAL | Block #6: Single Irish Chain

PATTERN SHEET: MiniBlockQAL – BLOCK6 After a few weeks between drinks, so to speak, we’re back to it and ready to plunge into Block 6 of our Mini Block QAL! This time around, we’re making the Single Irish Chain. FUN FACT! I’ve never made this block before until now. I’ve seen bigger versions of it here… Continue reading MINI BLOCK QAL | Block #6: Single Irish Chain

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Long Time, No Word…

Hello my lovely Friends! It’s been a bit of a while between posts, huh? This is the part where I typically write up my excuses… Busy life. No time. Unbelievably tired. So on and so on. Well, although I haven’t been sharing very much both here and on my YouTube channel, I’ve been busily planning, designing and organising behind… Continue reading Long Time, No Word…

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May 17th: Mini Thread Spool Block Tutorial!

Today I woke up and was inspired to make a block tutorial for my YouTube channel! Whether it was actual inspiration or a form of ‘YouTuber Guilt’ as I haven’t uploaded in awhile, I don’t know! But I put my head down and bum up and got into creating! And I’m so happy I did! There’s… Continue reading May 17th: Mini Thread Spool Block Tutorial!

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May 6th: Simple Cross Block Tutorial

As the weekend greets us on this fine Friday afternoon, I thought I’d share with you a lovely and simply modern block that you can easily whip up in under half an hour as you unwind from the working week! I’m calling it the Simple Cross block. It’s basically just a modified version of the X… Continue reading May 6th: Simple Cross Block Tutorial

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Quilter: M.I.A

Hello! Yes, I’m still alive! Still sewing. Still quilting. Still dreaming! The past two weeks have been quite crazily busy for me, hence the sad neglect towards my blog. But all is back on track again and it’s time to give you an update on some of the things I’ve been doing/making/planning etc. +++ First off,… Continue reading Quilter: M.I.A

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An Update From My Sewing Room… #3

A very good afternoon to you friends! I hope you’re doing well! Me? Well I’m rugged up in a scarf and woollen jacket, with a lovely cup of tea beside me while I write this post to help keep my fingers warm! Ahh, winter… It’s nice to think about when it’s hot out but when… Continue reading An Update From My Sewing Room… #3

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TUTORIAL: Granny Squares Block

Classic. Traditional. Modern. Simple. Fun. …Are just a few words I would use to describe this sweet, sweet block! Previous to this, I had never made a Granny Squares Block, whether in crochet or patchwork. It was those funny little triangle edges that always threw me off… I just couldn’t understand how this block was… Continue reading TUTORIAL: Granny Squares Block