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Falling In Love With Sewing Again

It’s no secret, this year has freakishly flown by, eating up time like it’s no bodies business. And my poor sewing machine has suffered as a consequence. Also, not gonna lie, my motivation to sew and be creative has taken a bit of a hit too. So with all of that combined, not a whole… Continue reading Falling In Love With Sewing Again

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May 15th: My Top 7 Most Useful Tools & Notions

Hello! I hope you’re all having a lovely Sunday! So I had a great request from one of you guys a few days ago to share with you a few of the notions and tools that I find to be the most useful when I’m sewing and quilting. A few of them I have shared before, but if… Continue reading May 15th: My Top 7 Most Useful Tools & Notions

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September 13th: A Sewing Day!

Another sunny weekend-day has come to an end and today I finally got stuck into some sewing! As the early afternoon rolled over, I fired up the iron, got my machine in working order (new needle, full bobbin and full thread on top), pressed all of my fabrics and begun the task of making my… Continue reading September 13th: A Sewing Day!

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September 4th: Making Friends Across the Globe

One of the wonderful things that has come out of writing a blog, managing a YouTube channel and having an active Instagram account is that of creating some beautiful friendships with fellow, like-minded people all across the world! There are quite a number of you who regularly comment, chat, encourage and inspire me in everything that… Continue reading September 4th: Making Friends Across the Globe

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September 3rd: Happy Birthday Mum!

Today, the 3rd of September is my beautiful mum’s birthday! Words really can’t express just how wonderful this woman is in my life as well as my brothers, my dads and our extended family and friends. I’m so proud to say that my mum really is my best friend. (Something I’ve only really noticed these past… Continue reading September 3rd: Happy Birthday Mum!

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TUTORIAL: Jake The Dog Pillow!

GET THE PATTERN: JakeTheDogPillow PDF Pattern It’s here! I’ve finally made the next instalment of my Adventure Time Pillow creations! So, if you didn’t already know, I’m a bit of an Adventure Time nerd and I’ve had this tutorial on my to-do list ever since I did my Finn The Human Pillow last year in July!… Continue reading TUTORIAL: Jake The Dog Pillow!

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How to make a Quilty Cross Pincushion!

Hello! Well, it’s been a bit of a while since I last published post! Gosh! But I think I have a pretty rock-solid excuse for why… I’ve just returned home from a two week cruise to Fiji!! I had the best time and will be sharing more of my adventures and love for cruising with… Continue reading How to make a Quilty Cross Pincushion!