TUTORIAL: Finn The Human Pillow

Click this link for the free pattern –>> Finn The Human Pillow 

For weeks now, I’ve been promising this little tutorial to you all.

I’ve been teasing, procrastinating and stressing out over it for ages until I finally said, ‘Sod it! Just get it done already!!’

And here it is!

I’ve been hella nervous to publish this pattern & tutorial for so many reasons.

Here are just a few…

#1: This is the first ‘pattern’ I’ve ever really made and created. I’m sure somewhere there will be a crucial element I’ve missed or half explained that I will need to address sometime in the future. I’m super nervous that the pattern pieces are incorrect and won’t all match-up. And I’m desperately praying that the pattern link downloads and opens easily for everyone who clicks it! (The original plan was to have a PDF pattern but that wasn’t working, so I’ve uploaded it as Word docx. instead! Fingers crossed!)

Finn For Blog 1

#2: OMG, it’s Adventure Time! This cartoon series is huge at the moment and I’ve been so conscious to get the design pretty much perfect to the original design of Finn so that it doesn’t just look like another one of those ridiculous try-hard crafting nightmares!

Finn For Blog 3

#3: I suppose, in all honesty, I’m worried about the feedback I’ll get from this project. Will people hate it? Will they not understand the pattern? Are there elements of the design that just don’t work?

Finn For Blog 2

Hmm… I don’t know… I think I’m letting my mind run away with this issue far too much than I really should. I need to remember: Any feedback is good feedback (as along it’s constructive and helpful of course!).

If you’re new to the crafting/sewing game and would like to make this, I recommend watching the video first, that way you’ll grasp a better understanding of each step and not get too befuddled with what needs to be done next.

Best of luck to you all!!

Happy Sewing Friends!


Christmas In July

With only three days to go until ‘Christmas in July’, I thought I’d share with you a special series I made last year for Christmas called 12 Days of Christmas Crafts.

Some of you out there may be looking for some quick little crafts to make to mark the occasion OR are looking for an early dose of inspiration before December 25th comes around!

Here’s a preview of all the things I made in the series…

And here’s the link for the playlist if you’re interested in watching more…


Feel free to share this amongst friends who you know are searching for some last-minute Chrissie crafts!

I’m hoping to create another series for Christmas 2014 – all depending on how well I can organise my life between now and then! Christmas is busy, busy, busy!

I might be a little early to the party - so to speak – but if you have any suggestions of any Christmas type craft you would like me to demonstrate making, let me know! Comment below or send me an email at 3and3quarters@gmail.com!

Well, it’s only Tuesday and I’ve already got a whole lot of sewing under my belt this week! Whoop!!! Stay tuned at the end of the week and I’ll let you know (and see!) everything!!

Happy Sewing Friends!


Bloggin’ Old School & A Fabric Haul!

For today’s post, I’m harking back to my earlier days of blog writing and am just going to write about everything that’s been happening in my little sewing world!

Sound good?


Right, let’s start with a WIP!

January this year, I uploaded this video. Here I chatted about my intended intentions (say that ten times fast!) of getting all of my WIPs finished this year!

I was keen and ready to jump in!

And seven months later, I’ve finally decided to begin honoring this New Year Resolution! (As you do!)

Monday night I felt restless and itchy to get my mind and hands stuck into some sewing. So instead of starting something new like I always do, I reached out for one of my WIPs.

And it was this one I chose…

Paper Pieced Union Jacks

Paper Pieced Union Jacks

I only had two more paper-pieced blocks to make until I could begin piecing the quilt top together. So that’s what I set out to do.

At about 9.30pm (which is pretty late for me to be sewing), I dug out a pretty floral and some sweet pastel fabrics from The Stash and begun piecing together.

About an hour later I had made this…

UnionJack2Out of all 11 blocks I’ve made, this is my favourite! Uber chic and girly – LOVE IT!!!

This afternoon/evening, I hope to tackle the last block for this quilt. I’m still umming-and-ahhing over fabric choices but I have a fair idea what I want this block to look like.

Bring on my wild Saturday night! Whoo!!!

Speaking of fabric, I took advantage of a great End of Financial Year Sale at Kelani Fabric Obsession during the week and treated my self to some    b-e-a-utiful fabrics!


Here’s a list of the fabrics I bought…


Cherry Dot on Blossom Pink | Oh Deer! By MoMo for Moda Fabrics



Memoir in Zest | Alchemy Quilting Collection by Amy Butler for Rowan


Pineapple Slices | Acacia by Tula Pink for Free Spirit

(My first ever cut of Tula Pink fabric!)


Vivienne Stripe in Blush | By Alexander Henry



Toyland Twinkle in Orange & Blue | By Alexander Henry



Sweet Tweet in Pastel | By Alexander Henry



Simpatico Minty Staws (100% Organic Cotton) | By Cloud 9 Fabrics



Minimalista in Confetti Turquoise | By AGF Studio

Fabric4I can’t wait to get stuck in and use these little beauties… I don’t know what for yet… But a day will come when I was glad I spent a small fortune on a lovely array of fabric!

And lastly, although it was uploaded this time last week, I wanted to share with you my latest Weekly Vlog.

This particular week I made a visit to the Sydney Craft & Quilt Show where my little Golden Trail Mini Quilt was on show.


I didn’t get to film much of the show due to copyright etc but I did manage to capture some awesome footage of the Harbour Bridge, the Sydney Opera House and the city!

We also celebrated my Dad’s 68th birthday! It was wonderful!

So I think that’s about it at the moment.

A WIP is on its way to be completed (sorta) and I’ve soothed my fabric lust for just a few days!

Hopefully I’ll act get my act together and show you a finished quilt top in my next post…

HA! Don’t hold your breath!

Happy Sewing Friends!


Mini Craft Haul!

Whenever I walk into a craft store, it’s inevitable that I’ll walk out having spent a ton of money on supplies that I really didn’t need but just had to have!

Surely, I’m not the only one?? (C’mon ladies, speak the truth…)

So over the weekend, I ventured into a local Spotlight store and got a little carried away…

To be honest, there were a few things I specifically wanted to buy (the Fat Quarters and Hobby Fill) but the rest were bought on a whim and the thought of ‘Oh, why not?’

Here are the deets of what I got:

Wooden Craft Keepers (Hedge Hog & Owl) by The Red Thread
DMC Stranded Thread/Floss in colours: 913, 959, 993 & 3812
Assorted Pastel Brads 60 pack by Francheville
‘Hello Sunshine’ Die Cut shapes by Kaiser Craft
Assorted Birthday stickers by Artwrap
Kraft & Cork stickers by Francheville
Saffron Craig ‘Bees’ Fat Flats | http://saffroncraig.com
Prints Charming ‘Spring Swing’ Fat Flats in Pink/Orange & Blue/Green | http://www.printscharming.com.au/home.htm
Elements Grey Stripe & Simple Green Triangles Fat Flats
Hobby Fill, 500g

So there’s just a little share of what I’ve recently bought.

I think my favourite thing is the two Wooden Craft Keepers.

They really are ridiculously adorable!

Happy Sewing Friends!


A WEEKLY VLOG #2 | Coming Soon: A Nephew or a Niece?

Last week was a wonderful one full of happy discoveries, new glasses and a haircut (I haven’t had one of those in ages!!).

There were also moments where I dedicated (hours of) time to my university studies; where I shared fun, adorable moments with my youngest nephew along with a small indulgence in some LEGO construction (if you could really call it that…).

Make sure you stay tuned for next week’s vlog!

I ventured into the city yesterday to visit the Sydney Craft & Quilt Show and I captured some beautiful footage of my beloved city (amongst other things that are happening this week!) which I’m so excited to share with you!

Happy Sewing Friends!


TUTORIAL | Improv House Block

Finally I’ve got my act together and have produced a brand new Quilty Tutorial for you all!

I first came across this block at a Sew Saturday event last year (?) at my local Spotlight.

It was super-sweet and insanely easy to piece together!

No measurements.

No restrictions.

It’s just simply dive-in and start cutting and piecing!

Like many of the other Block Tutorials I’ve shown you, this little beauty is perfect to be made up out of your scrap fabrics. If like me and you’ve already got lots of scrappy-strippy bits of fabric, half of of the work is already done for you as this block requires a lot of strippy bits of fabric!

If you’re going to give this block a go, let me know!

Send me an email (3and3quarters@gmail.com) or tag me on instagram or twitter with your finished block!

I would love to see your own interpretation of this block!

Happy Sewing Friends!


A WEEKLY VLOG | Winter Flu, Nephews & Study

So I’m doing something new over on my YouTube channel

I’m still creating tutorials and the like but I’ve also begun uploading weekly vlogs (and sometimes daily vlogs too!), in an attempt to have you, my viewer and reader, get to know me more.

I want to continue to post and share my Weekly Vlogs with you here on my blog, bravely welcoming you into my life behind my sewing, my writing, my filming – the whole lot!

If you’re not the kind to watch vlogs or are solely uninterested in watching – then that’s cool. I promise I won’t be offended. :)

So here is the first of many (I hope!) Weekly Vlogs!

So what made me want to film the things happening in my life and share them all over the internet? Good question! Here are my answers…

1. I love watching daily/weekly vlogs. I think it’s very common to be naturally curious about how other people live their lives, about what happens to them, the experiences they face on a daily basis and the fun that they have with others. Simply, vlogs easily allow me to relate with other people, roughly the same age as me, in what they’re doing. And by that, I feel a little less lost and useless in this crazy world!

2. I like the creativeness of vlogging. Filming and editing footage is a new platform for me and I’m still learning the ins-and-outs of the biz. Vlogging gives me the outlet to experiment and become more relax in front of the camera as well as give me confidence in translating what’s in my brain into a video that’s a few minutes long. Editing footage also gives me the chance to be creative with most of my senses: sight, touch, hearing/listening, emotive, worth etc. and that pleases me.

3. I’ve received some awesome encouragement from friends, readers and viewers to get on the ‘Vlogging Bandwagon’ so to speak and I’ve taken that encouragement to heart! To receive comments from strangers (essentially) who are genuinely interested in my day-to-day life is extraordinary and completely blows my mind! I think it comes back to the whole ‘relating to what other people do’ shiz.

4. In all honesty, I worry that the content I put on my YouTube channel is so far out of the ‘mainstream box’ and isn’t ‘personal’ enough that I need to plump it up a bit with more videos about myself. Perhaps that’s my ego or my endless self-doubt creeping in but that’s just how I feel. Don’t get me wrong, I’m super-proud of the content I have my channel (each video is obsessed over time and time again before it’s uploaded). I wouldn’t change the main goal/idea of what I want the channel to be, but I just want to make it a little bit more relatable to those who aren’t quite into the quilty/crafty/diy scene.

Okay, so I’m a little brave in sharing with you my deep and honest thoughts (my panic & anxiety is through the roof!) and I don’t know why I feel the need to justify the reasons why I’ve started to vlog my life… But it’s happening and I’m super-excited about it!

And…while we’re talking about videos and the like, I’m currently in the middle of editing another Quilt Block Tutorial! Yay! I haven’t filmed/uploaded one for over three weeks!!! (My bad…) Here’s a sneaky!

(PS. You can see the whole block on my instagram!)

House Block Sneaky

Happy Sewing Friends!


One last thing: Here are links to some of my favourite vloggers…


Hannah Maggs


They inspire me to live life to the fullest, to set my goals on the things that I love to do and to be uber-creative with my editing!