New Projects, Rain & Green Tea

Right now, here in Sydney Australia, it’s the middle of summer. And yet, today outside my window, it’s pissing down rain! And has been all day!

This is my backyard pool. So alone. So deserted. So abandoned. *Sigh*

But, with a lemon green tea steaming away on my left, Daniel Merriweather’s Love and War album playing on itunes, let’s blog!

Two new projects are on their way…

First. A much overdue promised lap quilt to my best friend Dan. She gave me a great list of inspirations and themes she would like and it’s been fun and wonderfully tricky to figure out the best path to take. In amongst my piles and piles of fabric I have almost a full bolt of this wonderful retro cherry fabric which is just Dan all over and have always wanted to make her something with it the first time I ever saw it! I decided to teamed it up with some awesome coordinating spot fabrics; black spots with cream background and white pinspots with red background. I think the diference in the size of the spots will add character and dimension to the over all quilt top. (Plus I love putting contrasting prints like together – it’s very contemporary and modern at the moment). So at the moment I have only made a ‘demo’ eight-pointed star block, that will eventually become apart of the quilt, just to make sure the fabrics work well together. I think I’m onto a winner!

Second. Not only do I LOVE quilting but I’m a big fan of embroidery. Now, to clear the air, I’m not a big lover of crossstitch, but projects more like needle work and such stuff. Embroidery like this…

This one is a personal favourite and have terribly procratinated about getting it framed… I used almost a blood red DMC thread (two strands) on a medium weighted homespun-cross-denim type of fabric which has a fantastic texture to it.

This one is a just a sampler I’m constantly playing around with, perfecting newly learned stitches and brushing up on old ones… Here I’ve just simply used a mix colour pallete of DMC threads on natural coloured homespun.

And finally this one is the new project. Not sure for who or what yet. I just had it saved on my USB stick and came across it the other day and just fell in love with it. He’s such a cutie! Again I’m using natural coloured homespun and have matched two shades of browns for the body and facial features along witha vibrant orange and yellow as a contrasting colour in the mane. I’m so eager to get it finished!

So there we are for now. My green tea has been drunk and my Daniel Merriweather album finished after the second time around.

And, yes, it’s still raining….

P.S. A wonderful package came in the mail today – NEW FABRIC!!

I discovered a new Australian based online fabric store called Duckcloth. They have the most delightful and sweet quilting fabrics that I could never get at work. I was just like a kid at Christmas; ripped the packaging open in one swift tear and ohh-ed and ahh-ed at the wonderful delight inside. Plus, I got an extra matching cut of fabric from a particular range of fabric I bought for free!! SCORE!!

Another great Australian based online fabric store is Kelani Fabric Obsession. They provide fast, FREE delievery anywhere in Australia and have fantastic fabric for quilting, home decorating, kids prints and feature excellent Australian based textile/fabric artists like Saffron Craig and Aunty Cookie. Safe to say I’m a big fan! Check it out!


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