A Perfectly Honest Blog….

Okay, I need to be perfectly honest. I haven’t done any real sewing (that by which I mean on my sewing machine) in almost – get ready for it – 3 weeks! *I feel a fainting spell coming on* As I sit and type, I can’t quite believe it’s been that long since I’ve sat down in front of my machine, heard it’s sweet beeps as I switch it on and watch as it chugs along harmoniously while stitching…


Aww…poor thing. I must take time and sew this weekend. I promise on all that is good and fabrickey in this world that I will! And I must because I have so many projects that need to be finished and started! Arggh!

So, what have I been doing if I haven’t been quilting, just like this blog says I do?

Well, I’ve just completed my 3rd week of my new job, my first full-time position (and no, I don’t work for Moda Fabrics – I wish!)

and am quickly realising that it doesn’t give me very much time to get all my projects done and sorted. However, that doesn’t mean I’m not doing any sewing at all…

I’m patiently, very very patiently, appliquéing the Butterfly Baby Quilt,

while finishing my Hexie rows ready for appliqué

and I’ve started a new embroidery which I devote my hour-long lunch break to. I find that I must do something (even though very small) to occupy my hands and soothe my daily crafty needs…

So not much, I know. I admit I do feel a little lost and sad that I haven’t been cutting fabric, piecing, pressing and quilting very much lately. It’s as though an invisible wall has been put up between me and my sewing desk and I can’t access it due to lack of time, lack of energy as well as a lack of inspiration – which is funny to admit to actually as I always have new ideas exploding at the back of my head. I research quilt and textile artists all day long at work and have loads of inspiration pumped into me daily. I itch so badly for home so I can get stuck into planning, cutting, sewing, pressing and that wave of instant satisfaction!! And yet, when I do get home, all thoughts and feelings leave my head; I’m distracted by dinner (yum!), the television, people and sleep. What about the weekends? So far they’ve been jammed pack full of events now that I have them work-free. Bad excuse? Yes. And also no. But I have come to the conclusion that this Saturday (after a much needed workout at the gym!!) is my Sewing Saturday, my Craftinoon, my one-day quilting retreat! Yeah!

Talking about inspiration still, I’ve been pinning a whole heap of stuff on my Pinterest boards this week – I swear I’m living vicariously through this website! – I can not express just how addictive it is to scroll through other people boards or simple word searches and discover little jems of inspiration! I’ve started two new boards Art Quilts (obviously devoted to the brilliance of Art Quilts) and Keep Calm – a board dedicated to…

As well as to some splendid parody’s…

I bid my final farewells to my Spotlight friends last Friday and received one of the most loveliest and personal presents I think I will ever receive in my life. My beautiful department manager Kerri, made me the most wonderful memory card/book that was impressively scrapbooked with photos, hand written messages from team mates, arty stickers, British bunting and accessories, buttons, ribbons and other sewing relating items.

It’s very easy to say that I love it and am truly honoured to receive something so lovingly made!! Thankyou Kerri!! I was also spoiled with a very generous gift card to one of my favourite ever department stores along with the sweetest High Tea party kit (Very convenient as I’m organising a High Tea party for my 25th birthday! Yay!) Thankyou to everyone at Spotlight Mt Druitt!!

Lastly I would like to finish up with this awesome stitchery from Radical Cross Stitch which sums up life I think…

Happy Sewing!! xx



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