The Greatest of Intentions

So I had the greatest of intentions to commit myself to my sewing machine and to projects that need to be finished ASAP this weekend. However, as the way life goes, I got sick and was lounge ridden with near-to-no energy, killer sore throat and the worst headache that could ever be ached.

But I did mange to make myself do some sort of sewing and made my nimble fingers start a new embroidery.


This is what I managed. I’ve mixed it up from my usual use of back-stitch and decided to chain-stitch the main design and satin-stitch the eyes and other roundish/circular features.


Therefore I stayed on the lounge all day, omitting toilet breaks and panadol stops, and watched a few seasons of Friends – one of my favourite TV shows – and the last two Harry Potter movies (Deathly Hallows Part I & II). Both of these definitely cheered me up in some kind of way but didn’t help me getting any of my quilting projects done! Fingers crossed I can find some time during the week to get the things that should’ve been done, on their way for this following weekend.

 Happy Sewing! xx



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