I can hardly contain my excitement, as I am, at this very moment, writing this blog post on my new, very shiny, extremely fast, super-dooper awesome iMac! OH MY GOSH I LOVE THIS THING! Although most of the time I have no idea what I’m doing or where to find anything on the desktop, I’m having the best time exploring the cool little short cuts, simple apps that make life insane and being blown away by the awesome little touch-track mouse that is so incredible to use! In my opinion: BEST PURCHASE EVER!

With all the refreshing spare time I have on my hands now, I made a start on my How Does Your Garden Grow? competition quilt. The final decision on how to construct this quilt came down to paper piecing. Over the past three to four days I’ve been constructing plans, drawing up the final design, cutting out the pieces, tacking on fabric and sewing all the pieces back to one another by hand. All I can say is thank goodness for my 10 series collection of Friends that has gotten me through the mundaneness of repeating the same steps over and over and over again!! When the quilt is all finished, I’ll post up a How it was Made blog showing you the different steps I took to make it. Here are a few photos I’ve taken over the last few days….

I’ve also taken the time to start a friends Gumnut Babies quilt. I’ve made it with giant half-square triangles (HST) that then makes a Giant Square block – equaling the quilt top. I’ve used a few co-ordinating fabrics from own stash to mix up the prints and hope to make my first pieced-back with the left over Gumnut Babies fabrics.

Over the weekend, I took the plunge and re-organised my sewing area – it was in desperate need of a tidy and re-vamp! I sorted a quarter of the fabrics that I have on show into colour bundles, folded them nicely and stacked them in colour order in of many bookshelves.

I also sorted out my quilting/fabric/crafty related books and recycled a whole lot of quilting magazines that I haven’t read or referred to since I bought them like three years ago!

You never realized just how much crap you actually have that is cluttering up your shelves until you pull it all out and then regret you even started!

Happy Sewing! xx


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