Sunshine Failure & Magazines!

So I was going to post up some photo’s today of the finished Gumnut Babies Quilt… However, I was having problems with the afternoon sunshine playing havoc on my shots. Everywhere I stood weird and unwanted shadows were being cast over the quilt and most pics were coming out over-exposed.

So I’ll have to re-do it first thing tomorrow morning, when the sun is being less inconvenient!

Today I want to share some of the magazines I’ve recently picked up at the newsagent. Magazines are a great source of inspiration and house a wonderful wealth of information on fabric stores, products, blogs, designers and projects.

Finally I’ve been able to get my hands on a much coveted Mollie Makes magazine publish in the UK and at a great price too! Everywhere on the net where it’s sold in Australia charges anywhere between $16 to $18 for a copy of this magazine PLUS postage and handling!

Today I bought it for $12.95 – a win for me! WHOO! Although, it is a few issues behind – but I don’t care!

I was also lucky enough to buy a copy of Modern Quilting magazine (also published in the UK) that features an interview and pattern from Quilting Queen Tula Pink! I adore her quilts and fabric ranges as well as her quirky and laid-back attitude.

After reading the article/interview, I sensed a form of connection with the way that she approaches her work.  We seem to have a lot in common in the way that we think and feel towards our crafty obsession and share the same views and values of working hard at something we love to do. It’s always a comfort to know that there truly are people out there in the world who share the exact same emotions as I do towards fabric and quilting – it makes me feel just that wee little bit less insane in my head!!!

Harnessing my love for modern quilts, I bought an Australian published magazine produced by Australian Quilters Companion magazine called Old Quilts Made New. I love the notion of taking traditional quilt block patterns and making them into a modern block through the use and choice of modern fabrics and modern quilting techniques. There’s some wonderful ideas in this one that I may get to explore one day!

And now, with a freshly poured green tea, I’m off to do some research waste away the afternoon reading my magazines!

Happy Sewing! xx


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