The Queen of Piecing!

I’m so happy to proudly announce that I am no longer a machine paper-piecing virgin! Yay!

October’s Craftsy’s BOM where all about machine paper-piecing, making the Friendship Circle Block…

And the Circle of Geese Block…

I was always a little wary of how machine paper-piecing worked. I had watched countless Youtube videos without an ounce of understanding of how or what to do.

And yet, this past weekend, I put my sewing-thinking-cap on and the technique finally clicked in my head and I successfully completed these two sweet little blocks.

I now feel more confident and less wary to tackle a project that features the machine paper pieced technique and will definitely go out of my way to find a suitable one to start very soon! Like this one that I’ve been dying to know how to make (but with cuter fabrics!)…

Getting back to the topic, here all my of 20 BOM blocks together!

Today in Sydney, the weather is coldish and overcast with a little peek from the sun: perfect to wile away an afternoon on the sewing machine. After completing some of my heavy loaded uni work this morning, I’m treating my self to an afternoon centred on my darling sewing machine! I need to get started on the backing for my Jacob’s Ladder quilt so I can baste it and start quilting it. I’ve almost convinced myself to give hand-quilting a go on this quilt. It’s a technique I’ve never attempted before as I’ve always machine quilted my quilts. I know the basics of how hand-quilting works in my head and have all the accessories to start but haven’t quite perfected it in the actual ‘doing’ bit.

Here some hand quilted quilts that have been inspiring me over the past week…

Spinning Stars by Anna Marie Horner

Prism Quilt by Sundance

Pillow by Sunny in CAL

Come to think of it, I really should give hand quilting a go. I love a challenge as well as the thrill of learning something new and accomplishing it!

The decision has been made! Stay tuned!

Happy Sewing! xx


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