A Merry-Merry Handmade Christmas: Part Two

With all the festive season celebrations now at an end, I’ve finally found the time (and the energy!) to share the continued triumphs of my Handmade Christmas venture!

Working my little fingers to the bone right up to midnight Christmas Eve/Christmas Day Morning, I finished everything – all the while singing merrily to the Christmas Carols sing-along on TV – and savoured the sweet taste of victorious accomplishment!

For my two older nephews I designed and made them differing Ben 10 softies…


The bigger/taller one belongs to my oldest nephew, Caleb, who is five turning six…


While the smaller squarer one was made for Ayden who is two turning three…


I think they liked them. They seemed pretty pleased when they ripped open their parcels!!

For my youngest nephew Noah, who had only just turned one on the 22nd December…here covered in chocolate cake!


I made him a sweet little lion softie with ribbons acting as a mane slash taggie-thingy which he can chew and explore to his hearts content.


Inspiration for this one came from Pinterest – it seemed simple enough to make and was age appropriate – he can drool, chew, throw and sit all over it!.

He also received a framed Noah’s Ark embroidery which I very conveniently finished at midnight Christmas Eve. (Pattern found in Google search)


Continuing on with the theme of Pinterest inspiration, I made and gave my second eldest brother Graham (who is 29 and a diehard Harry Potter fan like myself) a Harry Potter theme pillow.


He liked it, thank goodness!! Brothers are always hard to buy/plan for!

My parents appreciated their gift – another embroidery. This one was made using only one DMC colour – Navy Blue and reflects my parent’s daily love for cups of tea! (Pattern found in Google search)


For my oldest brother and sister-law I designed and made them a sweet little welcome sign intended to be hung on their front door.


I used some of my favourite fabrics from this year to make it all the while adding my own modern sense of style to it.

Each gift was wrapped in brown paper with either festive ribbon or string tied around it – for example….


And so that was my 2012 Handmade Christmas. At times it was challenging. At others it was just simply me in my element, letting the creative-juices flow.

Will I do it all again this year? My answer at this very moment is a judgmental no. But give it a few months and I may change my mind!

I do truly hope you all had a wonderful and safe Christmas season and I wish you all the very best in this New Year!

Here’s to another creative year of new projects, challenges and triumphs!

Happy Sewing! xx


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