Love Affairs

I love Hexies. There hasn’t been a day that’s gone by this year that I haven’t made one; I’ve either been tracing and cutting out cardboard templates, raiding my scrap fabric boxes for usable sized fabrics or scrupulously sewing a little hexie to another, creating yet another project to soothe my hand sewing lust.

And so, for no reason at all, I’ve made this Hexie Pillow…

A Hexie Pillow!
A Hexie Pillow!

Maybe it was my subconscious telling me to add something new to my bedroom décor, because it seems to fit in perfectly with my other pillows that adorn my bed…

Fitting in perfectly!
Fitting in perfectly!

Ahhh…so tactile and pretty. That’s the way I like it!


I love London. Although I’ve never been there (and am quite desperate to go!) I seem to have built an odd obsession for this ancient town. (See my Pinterest board for proof!) I think it’s a mixture of its offbeat and quirky history, inspiring landmarks, the creative diversity of its people as well as the endless possibilities the city seems to hum that attracts me. Sometimes I think I was born in the wrong country – missing out on true creative opportunities that would allow myself to grow as an artist. (PS. I’m a true whinger at heart and often take for granted what a beautiful and lucky country that I do actually live in!)

So to soothe my achy-breaky-London-heart I stitched this very appropriate embroidery…

London Phone Box
London Phone Box
Gold Thread Detail
Gold Thread Detail

And so I leave you with this thought that presently plagues my mind!

Happy Sewing!


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