An exciting 24 hours!

It’s been an exciting 24 hours for this one person sitting in front of the computer screen writing to you right now!

Not only has 3and3quarters received a purdy new facelift, but now has a sister site dedicated to my love of baking! Yes that’s right, I’ve begun writing a food blog!

Called One Baker’s Daughter, my aim is to share my triumphs and my not-so-triumphant baking adventures in the kitchen. The recipes I use will be posted on the blog accompanied with very amateurish photos of the results.

One Baker's Daughter Blog
One Baker’s Daughter Blog

Go on, take a look!

On the crafty front, I’ve discovered the very fiddly, very minute practice of MINI-HEXIES!!!

Squeeee - Mini Hexies along with my pink template!
Squeeee – Mini Hexies along with my pink template!

Oh, aren’t they sweet little things! They’re the perfect excuse not to get rid of the tiniest little scrap of fabric…

I’m off to make more….

Happy Sewing! xx


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Modern Quilter & Fabric Lover. Blogger & YouTube Creator. Florist & Foodie.

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