Happy Sewing Days

Here I am, standing proudly in front of my quilt hanging at the Sydney Quilt Show.


It was a great day exploring the endless forest-like rows of quilts hanging making their own creators proud! There truly is some great quilting talent in Australia and I was truly humbled to have my quilt there among it all!

It’s happy days here in my little world – university exams are almost finished, I have my last one this coming Wednesday and then five weeks of blissful freedom!

In my down time away from studying I’ve been able to tackle a few projects that I’ve been itching to get to…

Firstly, I made a quick little Hexie iPad Cover for my iPad out of my endless supply of hexies I made in an OCD haze during my summer holidays…

Hexie iPad Cover
Hexie iPad Cover
Colourful Union Jack Lining!
Colourful Union Jack Lining!

I take my iPad to uni everyday and have been desperate for that little extra time to make a cover to help prevent from scratches etc. My iPad fits nice and snuggly inside and I added a quick magnet snap thingy to keep the flap from coming open. I like it; I think it’s very ‘me’!

Secondly, I had a mad craving to start a new embroidery project and opted to begin a work that I’ve wanted to for a while – a stitch sampler (of sorts). I’ve paired navy linen with a range of yellow DMC threads to create a yellow embroidery sampler.

IMG_0179 I’m not in a hurry to get this finish. I think this will be a project that I’ll keep coming back to over a period of time until it’s finished.

Next, I basted, quilted and sewed the binding onto my colourful log cabin quilt-slash-wallhanging. (I must settle on a name for this project!)


I was quite relaxed about the quilting and stuck to my love of straight-line quilting. I mixed up the direction of the diagonal lines within the log cabin blocks to add a level of interest, direction and movement to the quilt’s surface.


Soon I’ll stitch on a hanging sleeve at the back ready to hang when I move into my new space!

Oh yeah, I’m moving!

Well, actually, just moving my sewing stuff to another room in our house…

When my older brother moved out of home my mum took over his room as study for work. She is now a semi-retired primary school teacher and doesn’t really need the solitary space. Whereas now I need a place to study (and store away my ‘crafty mess’ away from visitors), I’m taking over the study room! Yay!

This won’t happen for the next few weeks but I’ll be sure to post up photos of the space I create for my sewing – oh sorry, I mean ‘study’! Te-He!

Aaannnnd lastly, you can read all about my first prize win for ‘A Summer Bloom’ in the 2012 Under 35s Quilt Competition (How Does Your Garden Grow) in the June-July (Issue #61) edition of the Australian Quilters Companion Magazine. I’m not hard to miss – just look out for my massive quarter page selfie and Jacob’s Ladder Quilt!

Oh God!
Oh God!

Happy Sewing! xx


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