The Working Mind of a Quilter


This plain and ordinary (and let’s face it, darn right boring and ugly) science exercise book is one of those insignificantly small things that I cannot live without.

Why, you may ask?

Well, inside is a frenzy of sketches, doodles, designs and ideas that rampage through my busily working mind. I may be an introvert, but my mind is as loud as a Ken Done painting!

As soon as a legible worthwhile idea sparks, I must get it out and down onto paper; a place where I can manipulate, stretch, add colour, take away elements, draw proposed quilting lines and make mistakes until coming to the end design.

I use my notebook to draft future quilts I have in mind to make (when will I ever get the time!!) along with different embroidery designs. Here’s my ‘blueprint’ for the embroidery sampler I’m currently working on….

Embroidery Sampler Blueprint

Embroidery Sampler Blueprint

Where I'm up to so far, with a few modifications...

Where I’m up to so far, with a few modifications…

Future Quilt Idea Doodle

Future Quilt Idea Doodle exploring colour and technique

Another Future Quilt Design Doodle

Another Future Quilt Design Doodle exploring ideas of appliqué and quilted line

The 2mm graph paper inside helps to work out block placements, different unit shapes as well as to identify scale and size.

Plotting Scale and Measurement

Plotting Scale, Measurement and Order

Exploring HST shapes within a block

Exploring HST and square shapes to make a completed block

So there you have it; a small and brief peek into how I roll with initial ideas and designs. Surely I’m not the only one who does this…??

Happy Sewing!

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