Did You Know: I Sell Online?!

Yep, that’s right!

I make and sell handmade goodies online – along with fabrics, craft supplies and other accessories!

I’ve been managing two little online stores over the past few years and they’re humming along at a lovely little pace!

The first store is managed through an Australian based crafty website called madeit.

On my madeit page, I sell things that I’ve personally handmade – mainly little fabric wallets, at times some quilts and other little accessories.

Sweet little fabric wallets!
Sweet little fabric wallets!

The other store is managed through madeit’s sister website called craftumi.

On my craftumi page, I sell a lot of my excess fabrics, buttons and crafty items/supplies.

Fabric Covered Buttons!
Fabric covered buttons!

So if you have some extra time on your time on your hands, check these pages out!

PS. Postage on all my items is free! Yay! (Sorry, that’s for Australian Residents only)

Happy Sewing Friends! xx

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Modern Quilter & Fabric Lover. Blogger & YouTube Creator. Florist & Foodie.

6 thoughts on “Did You Know: I Sell Online?!

      1. Hello, thank you for your lovely comment!
        Unfortunately I’ve set the sale of my items for Australian purchase only.
        I’ve researched postage and handling prices for U.S delivery and it would end up very pricey if I where to send it to you 😦


  1. Your creations are just beautiful Amanda.
    Your folks know my husband Glen….I was on his profile which is how I found you.
    I am sure we have met once through the Church though.


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