Christmas Crafts Already??

Over the past week, I’ve been squirrelling away in my sewing room whilst humming to a few select christmas carols.

You may be asking, ‘Christmas carols already??’…

Why yes, it does seem that way – Christmas has definitely come to this quilter’s house very early this year! I usually start my christmas crafting in late November/early December, so it’s all feeling a little bit weird!

But there is a legit reason for this…

It’s all in preparation for a Christmas Craft Night I’ll be hosting presenting running co-ordinating having fun at (!) this coming Thursday night at my local Spotlight store!


We’ve got lots of sweet crafty|sewy|quilty christmasy projects planned perfect for the kiddies to join in on as well as for those who are big kids at heart! (Me!!!)

Here’s a glimpse of my sewing room from this week – nothing has changed today, it’s still covered in bits of felt, ribbon, sequins, buttons, PVA glue and christmas fabrics…

I'm usually not this messy!
I’m usually not this messy!

Meh, whatcha gonna do – this is what the space is used for I suppose!

Annnddd, here’s a small sneaky of some of the things we’ll be making!!


Ohhh….I wonder what they could be!?

Happy Sewing Friends! xx

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