Quilting My Guts Out!

Eww…totally gross post title there!

I do humbly apologise, but that was the only way I could explain what’s really happening at the moment…

You see, I’ve set myself a deadline…

'The Happy Quilt'
‘The Happy Quilt’

This quilt must be finished by this Friday!

I’m so over seeing it lying hopelessly unfinished in my sewing room – it deserves to be finished!

And it needed to be finished yesterday!

Well no, not really – that’s just impossible!

'Just Keep Quilting, Just Keep Quilting'
‘Just Keep Quilting, Just Keep Quilting’

I have 25cm (10″) left of quilt surface to finish quilting (it seems like a little, but at the same time it’s a lot – if you know what I mean!) then it’s onto attaching the binding and label!

Then, and only then, can I finally say that this sweet-sweet quilt is finished and I can introduce it to you in its beautiful entirety!

Phew, if only finishing the quilt took as quick as it was to write about it!

The reason why I’m anxious to get it finished is so that I can dive (quite literally) head first into my Handmade Christmas plans.

I’m doing things a little different this year and will be buying a few things BUT these bought items will be packaged/wrapped in ‘handmade’ and they will all be accompanied with a handmade card or swing tag.

I can’t wait to get started!

But this quilt needs to be finished first!

That last 25cm isn’t going to quilt itself (unfortunately!).

Happy Sewing Friends! xx


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