This week’s battle cry…

Christmas fabrics ready? CHECK!

Patterns finalised? CHECK!

Sewing machine ready? CHECK!

Bing Crosby crooning Christmas carols at me? CHECK!

Hot summery weather outside? CHECK!

‘Tis the Season has truly arrived in my household (I’m still giddy at the thought that it’s December already!!) and I’m in ‘Make all the Presents’ mode!

I absolutely love this time of year!

I love the carol singing, the house decorating, the food (!!), making of the food, catching up with loved ones as well as celebrating the extraordinary love of God through the birth of Jesus Christ!

I also love the thrill and delight of making special one-of-a-kind somethings for my nearest-and-dearests; a simple present that has been made with love and creative festive spirit!

Happy days lie ahead indeed!!

Happy Festive Sewing Friends!! xx


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