Hello Christmas Crafts!

This coming Friday, the 13th of December, I’ll be launching my little 12Days of Christmas Crafts series on my YouTube channel! Yay!

I’ll be uploading some fun and simple craft projects everyday of the 12 days leading up to Christmas.

In this little series, I chose a range of different crafts that contain the use of paper, fabrics, lots of hot glue and glitter, paint, natural resources and simple sewing machine work.

The level of these crafts range from simplistic kids crafts (with adult supervision of course!) up to some that are for the more experienced crafter/sewer.

In each video I’ve included easy step-by-step instructions along with where I found my inspiration! (Here’s lookin’ at you Pinterest!).

All of the videos are short’n’sweet and are visually informative.

So I hope you enjoy watching from Friday onwards (I’ll post each one on my blog as we go along) and create a menagerie of Christmas crafts this season!

Happy Festive Sewing Friends!! xx


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Modern Quilter & Fabric Lover. Blogger & YouTube Creator. Florist & Foodie.

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