2013 Handmade Christmas Low-Down

December really is the silly season!

My silly Christmas face!
My silly Christmas face!

 It’s not every day that I would rock out in a felty-jingly-sparkly antler headband with a plastic Christmas crown on my head and make funny pouty faces at my computer…

But this Christmas, I did.

(And I am not ashamed of it!)

 Along with that, this Christmas I also followed on the tradition of my Handmade Christmas pledge.

 The majority of gifts given this year were handmade, a few were not. (Hey, I’m only human!)

 First off, I made six Lil’ Santa Stockings personalised with hand embroidered names for my four nephews, one for a good friend’s son and another for my 30 year old brother!


I filled each one with an array of ‘boy’ things such bouncy balls, lollipops, stickers/tattoos, a boxes of chalk, Pez and other fun stuff personalised for each boy/man!


They all went down a treat and I couldn’t be happier!

 Moving on…

For two of my close couple-friends I made some very cute Wine Bags.


I bought them each a bottle of some organically produced Shiraz (with a very pretty and simplistic label!) and popped it in the bag. I also placed a handmade Hessian Bird Ornament around the neck of the bottles as an extra little gift.

 For my oldest brother and sister in-law, I gave them four Christmas Tree frames made from popsicle sticks, each with a photo taken of their sons this year.


I thought they would become sweet mementos to place on the Christmas tree each year.

 Each of these gifts featured in my 12 Days of Christmas Crafts Series I posted on YouTube (and my blog) in the 12 days leading up to Christmas.

If you want to see how each of them have been made and want to get into some early inspiration for Christmas 2014, follow these links…

Lil’ Santa Stocking

Festive Bottle Gift Bag

Hessian Bird Tree Ornament

Christmas Tree Photo Frame



 So, my family and I enjoyed a lovely Christmas together this year, remembering and giving thanks to the Lord for his wonderful gift of Jesus to us.

(After all, that is the real meaning to Christmas – presents and Handmade Gifts just doesn’t cut it!)

Our celebrations don’t just end on Christmas Day as it was my second eldest brother Graham’s 30th birthday!

(Happy Birthday Bro!)


And now today, we celebrate the coming in of a New Year!

(Yeesh, I think I need a holiday off from all this celebrating!)

And one last thing…

Not only is this my last post for 2013 but it also happens to be my 100th blog post published!!


ONE HUNDRED blog posts where I’ve rambled, whinged, experimented, taken chances, celebrated, shared and grown within my self and my own creativeness!

That sure does put a happy spin on my end of year reflections and celebrations!


 See you in 2014 for lots more quilty fun!


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