TUTORIAL: The Sailboat Block

Boy, these tutorials sure are coming on thick and fast! (Oh my, that was not intended to sound as rude as it does!)

Ahem! Moving on…

This week’s tutorial is The Sailboat Block!

SB Polaroid

It’s a wonderfully versatile and super-simple block to construct that has deep traditional roots but still possess an edge of modernity to it.

I love it!

Why only yesterday, on Facebook, one of the many quilting pages I follow posted a heritage quilt made up entirely of the Sailboat Block. I couldn’t believe it! Everything was in exactly the same place/design as the one I demonstrate in my tutorial! I was amazed, with my love, passion and appreciation for patchwork growing just that little bit more!

Here’s a link to the quilt and its details on The Quilt Index website.

Here are the measurement & cutting instructions if you want to make this block yourself:

For the Sails cut:

– x2: 3&3/8″ white squares

– x2: 3&3/8″ print squares

For the side of the Sails cut:

– x2: 2″x5&1/2″ white rectangles

For the Boat cut:

– x2: 2&1/2″ white squares

– x1: 2&1/2″x8&1/2″ print rectangle

For the Sea cut:

– x1: 1&1/2″x8&1/2″ print rectangle

Making this block again brings back beautiful memories of the quilt I made for my oldest nephew (who is now 7!) in celebration of his 2nd birthday.

Caleb's Sailboat Quilt | May 2009
Caleb’s Sailboat Quilt | May 2009

This quilt was made way back when even before I started my blog! Almost seems like a lifetime ago!

Let me know if you’re going to give this block a go! It is so delightfully boyish that I think any little man will adore and treasure it! (Ha! Get it? Treasure…it!)

Oh dear…

Happy Sewing Friends!



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3 thoughts on “TUTORIAL: The Sailboat Block”

  1. Your videos are so cute and fun to watch. The outtakes are the best! I think I would have the same problem saying sailboat block. Buzz is great in your background along with the cute quilt hanging. Thanks for making the videos do fun to watch. Cheerio!


    1. Thank you! I will always love making these tutorials!
      Oh man, I had such a hard time trying to say ‘sailboat block’, my frustration was almost beyond tipping point! Eventually, my clever editing skills were able to put something coherent together 🙂


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