TUTORIAL: The Maple Leaf Block



Adding to my stash of quilt block tutorials is this one:

The Maple Leaf Block!

I thought it would be fit to dedicate this particular block to all of my friends (that’s you!) who live in the Northern Hemisphere who are welcoming the coming months of fall/autumn!

I hope you enjoy the cooler months!


So this block, just like others I’ve demonstrated in the past, is super simple and is ideal for the beginner quilter who would like to stretch their legs a bit and give HSTs (that is, half square triangles) a go!

Learning how to make HSTs is an essential skill to learn if you’re serious about patchwork. It will become one of those knowing-how-to-write-without-thinking-about-it type skills that you’ll forever be falling back on again and again.

So if you feel unsure about making HSTs or just have no clue what a HST is, watch the tutorial and you’ll know!!

(PS. You can find all of the measurement and cutting instructions for this block at the end of this post!)

If I’ve inspired you to make this block, then here are just a few creative ways this block can be used to make a beautiful quilt!


Here are the links of where you can find the makers of these darling quilts!

The Quilt by Amy at Diary of a Quilter

The Quilt by Messy Jessy

The Quilt by Annabella at Kech Quilts

The Quilt by Sarah at sew&tellhandmade


Happy Sewing Friends!!


Measurement & Cutting Instructions

From the x5 ORANGE fabrics cut:

– x1: 3&1/2″ square for the centre

– x1: 3&7/8″ square from each of the others for the HSTs

From the BROWN fabric cut:

– x1: 3&1/2″ square for the stalk

From the WHITE fabric cut:

– x1: 3&1/2″ square for the upper corner

– x2: 3&7/8″ squares for the HSTs

– x2: 2&1/2″ squares for the stalk

Don’t forget to send me a photo of your finished block!

I would love to see it!


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