TUTORIAL: Foundation Paper-Pieced Wonky Log Cabin Block


Get the Pattern: Wonky Log Cabin Pattern

After lots of requests and suggestions to make this block, here it is for you to explore, fold, pin, stitch and rip apart!

So, I’ve approached this teaching of the block assuming that you have a fair understanding of how Foundation Paper-Piecing works. If you’re new to the technique, perhaps have a look at this video first http://youtu.be/R4jNa2zHLbU and then come back to this one.

This tutorial was inspired by this wall-hanging I made in 2013, that also made a few appearances in a few of my earlier video tutorials!

'I Heart Colour' Wall-Hanging (2013)
‘I Heart Colour’ Wall-Hanging (2013)

I called this wall-hanging, ‘I Heart Colour’ because of the nine colour-way blocks that are made entirely out of scrap fabrics. Plus, I also really do love colour and thought (at the time) it would be a perfect addition to the wall above my sewing desk in my new sewing room! (And still is!)

As always, let me know if you’re going to give this block a go and send me pictures of your blocks!! You can easily tag me on Instagram (I’m @3and3quarters) or send me a pic on Twitter, through email or on Facebook!

Happy Sewing Friends!!




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