January Favourites!

Every month for the past year or so, I’ve been publishing a video on my YouTube channel chatting all about my favourite things from that month. These items range from beauty products and fashion items, to music, movie and tv shows, books, sewing and quilting accessories, technological gadgets, food and pretty much everything else in between!

For the last few months, I’ve been tossing up the idea of not just posting a video about my monthly favourites, but to write about them here on my blog as well. So, starting with the first month of a new year, I’ve decided that that’s what I’m going to do! I’ll also post a link to the video version of my favourites so that you can either choose to watch or read (or both or none at all!) what I’ve been loving that month!

So with a cup of tea steaming quietly on my right, let’s get into what I’ve been loving in the month of January!

Taylor Swift – 1989


Usually, my taste in music never really consists of the mainstream popular artists and/or songs. I’m more of a supporter of the local (and international) low-key, independent type artists. Although in saying that, I am a huge fan of Ed Sheeran and Sam Smith!

So when it came around to purchasing Taylor Swift’s super-hyped 1989 album, I was pleasantly surprised just how simply brilliant it is! It totally deserves all of the hype it’s receiving. (And never did I think I would be saying that about a Taylor Swift album!)

Not since I was a teenager have I bought an album and literally listened to it over and over and over again. And then do the exact same thing for the next four days straight! Each song has it’s own unique sound to it, catchy, emotional and dance-worthy!

I must also admit my growing admiration for her as a person and artist… The girl is talented in one of those hands-down your-argument-is-invalid type way. She also treats her fans in a way that I’ve never seen a music artist like her do before. She treats them like close friends; encourages them through tough times and celebrates their successes. And I like that.



I’ve been signed up onto Tumblr for a almost a year now, occasionally logging in, scrolling through and re-blogging a few things here and there. But over the past few weeks, I’ve found myself on there a lot more often than usual and loving it!

Who knows why this is – even I don’t really know why… To be honest, I think it’s just another online platform allowing me to procrastinate from the more important things that I should be doing on a day-to-day basis (i.e. eating, going outside, socialising etc.).

However, no matter how fun and ‘hipster-ish’ Tumblr may be, Pinterest will always be my #1 website to procrastinate be inspired by!

Nintendo DS Lite & Yoshi Island DS


I like to think of myself as a bit of a gamer… I like to play most video games and enjoy playing either on my own, with my nephews or my brother (who is like a pro when it comes to gaming!).

So when I re-discovered my old Nintendo DS Lite this month, I chose to play a certain game that I received for my 21st birthday from a friend. At the time I got it, I didn’t really like it and found it hard to ‘get into’. But after giving it another go, I absolutely love it! And the game in question is Yoshi Island DS.

Yes, I know this game was and is marketed to an audience of kids 7 years and over but I really couldn’t care less! I love these types of games. (Spotlight on the big kid at heart!) There’s little to no violence, no guns, no awkward sexual references and no bad language. It my kinda game. Fun, clean and challenging! And in saying that, do not let the thought of this being a kids game fool you into it being easy to play. It’s not. It’s really, really hard! Either that or I am just really rubbish at playing it!

Revlon Eye Lash Curlers

Revlon Curlers

As I’m slowly getting into the whole ‘makeup and beauty’ thing, I’m beginning to realise the better the tools you have, the better the result you’ll have. (The same principle can be applied to Patchwork and Quilting too!)

So when my very cheap pair of eyelash curlers were literally falling apart and hurting me, I made a trip into Priceline and bought a new pair. I wish I had done it sooner! The new pair I bought are a simple eyelash curler by Revlon and are so swish to use! They curl and separate my lashes beautiful and most important don’t pinch my eye lids! (Which is always a good thing!)

Boots Laboratories Optiva Aqua-Capture Serum

Boots Serum

This stuff is ah-may-zing!! I’ve been using it since just before Christmas, with it claiming to give me smooth, radiant skin in just two weeks. And it has!

After using this product for almost six weeks now, I’ve noticed a huge difference in the way the skin on my face looks and feels. Little problem pumps around the top of my forehead and my nose have long gone and I often surprise myself at how soft and silky my cheeks feels when I rest my head in my hand.

Sadly, I’m quickly coming to the end of the tube! *sob* I’m at the stage where I find myself squeezing the living death out of it in desperation to get the very last drop of this magical serum!

Must. Buy. More.

FitBit Flex Wristband


Just like billions of other people in the world, I made a quiet little New Year Resolution to myself to try and attempt to get somewhat fit and healthy.

It’s nearing the end of the month and I confess, I could’ve done a lot more than I have. However, I feel that I have moved more and been a lot more conscious of what I’ve been eating than last year, before all this resolution nonsense began!

And I put that down to this: my FitBit Flex Wristband.

Thanks to this smart little piece of technology, I’ve been able to easily track the amount of steps and calories I’ve racked up each day and then instantly make me feel guilty for not meeting my required goals for the day! But not to worry, that just encourages you to go just that bit harder the next day! So it’s a win-win situation!

I also love how comfortable is to wear, how quick it is to charge, that it’s water-proof and the instant feedback of deets throughout the day. Perfect!


So there are my six little favourite things from the month of January!

Did you have anything you’ve absolutely loved from this month? Let me know in the comment section below and we can digress together!

Happy Favouriting Friends!!



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6 thoughts on “January Favourites!”

  1. I too have just started following your blog in the last few weeks as I’ve begun to learn to quilt. Your tuts are very easy to follow and I’ve already made several ‘test’ blocks.
    I agree with you on the TS album, I actually had to buy it the first day it came out here in the US because of all the hype and I was pleasantly surprised. She may not be a power-house vocalist but that girl can write a song like nobody else! And I’m also impressed by how she treats her fans – she is so genuine and caring, it’s refreshing to see that in someone with that much fame.
    Take care and keep posting…I’m reading and watching!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I just discovered your blog a couple of weeks ago and added it to my Feedly. I love your posts and your tutorials! What am I loving this month? Hand knit socks. It’s winter here in the US and I’m tired of being cold. I’m a knitter and a quilter and keeping warm is easy to do when you have wool and fabric around. So I constantly have one of my many pairs of hand knit socks on.

    Thanks for all the great tutorials that you do!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hello! Thanks for your kind words! I’m so glad you enjoy the things I do!
      I can only imagine how cold it is in the US after seeing footage of all the snow on the news! I hope you haven’t been effected by the current blizzards!
      Hand knit socks sound devine! I always live in thick woolly socks and uggs when it’s cold here and love to wrap myself up in a big cosy quilt in front of the tv! 😊


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