It’s Time For A Change!

I tell ya what, there’s no nicer feeling than having fresh new linen fitted and laid out perfectly on your bed! And that’s what I’ve done today!


To start off a new week, I re-vamped my bed with a beautiful 100% combed cotton quilt cover, flat sheet and two matching pillow cases that I recently received from an Australian bedding company with the fabulous name of Sleepy Bum.*

With each piece feeling so delicately soft, luxurious and fresh, it was such a struggle not to jump in and snuggle the rest of my Monday away! The feel of the 200 thread count surfaces truly do just make make you want to dive-in and melt away into a sleepy, peaceful state! (And believe me, I was this close to actually doing so!)

SleepyBum Pic2

It’s really not that often I change things up in my room, but as soon as I saw this set* on their website, I knew things were about to change! I liked that it was a quilt set that was reversible so that if I was in a particular mood, I could easily just flip everything over and be left with a totally different result from the last! It’s a total win-win!! (Plus, I’m not one to shy away from a good bold gridded print and a sweet feminine pastel pink!)

I also absolutely love how it compliments everything in my room! From my Happy Quilt hanging on the wall, to the porcelain bunny sitting on my bed stand as well as to the pastel purple colour on my walls! Even my Christmas Build-A-Bear seems to blend in beautifully with the contemporary and modern feel of it all!

SleepBum Pic5

So hopefully I’ve inspired you to get into the mood to re-vamp your room with some pretty new linen! The anticipation of hopping into bed that night and snuggling contently into fresh warm and soft bedding will be truly worth it! I promise!

Happy Sleeping Friends!


*Sleepy Bum kindly asked me to do a product review post on one of their quilt sets.

*The quilt set in review is the Athens Grid Lines in Baby Pink Cover Set in a Queen size.

Even Finn's excited about the new quilt cover set!!
Even Finn’s excited about the new quilt cover set!

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5 thoughts on “It’s Time For A Change!”

  1. Gorgeous choice !!

    I bought a gorgeous quilt cover at the boxing day sales but have been holding off putting it on my bed. I just know as soon as I do I’m going to ruin it some how. I might do a similar post if I ever get the courage to put it on my bed haha

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