September 19th: I Heart Sydney!


Last night, as you may know, I took a trip into the city to see Anything Goes at the Sydney Opera House!

The show, one I’d never seen before, was fantastic! The music was wonderfully jazzy and melodic, the story line funny and engaging and the dance numbers were absolutely first class! It was really great and a perfect birthday treat from my parents!

And of course, while I was in the heart of my beautiful city, I captured some photos for you of the Opera House, the Sydney Harbour Bridge and the sparking harbour surrounding them!






Today has been a busy editing day, getting the Mountain Block tutorial polished and all shiny ready to upload for you in the next few days! I am sorry that it is a little later than usual, the past few days have thrown my schedule all out of whack!

I hope you’re all having a splendid weekend and are pursuing all of your quilty plans and dreams!

Happy Sewing!



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