September 22nd: One Tired Auntie!

Here in Australia, it’s the first week of the school holidays! (Similar to a mid-semester break!) So today I took my two oldest nephews into the city to visit the Powerhouse Museum and to see a fun and interactive Minecraft World that they have there at the moment!

Both boys loved it, especially the oldest one, Caleb who likes to play Minecraft a lot! At the exhibition they had a room full of cardboard Minecraft blocks for the kids to stack and build their own worlds, colour-in stations, interactive game play, green-screen photo sessions and a petting zoo (full of the cardboard animal characters!). Even Steve was there!

Caleb with Steve/ Building Blocks/ The Petting Zoo!
Caleb with Steve/ Building Blocks/ The Petting Zoo!

While we were at the museum we also had a bit of a look at The Wiggles exhibition, a beautiful Jewellery display along with all of the other permanent favourites that are there like the big Spaceship, the old steam trains and interactive science labs. So much fun!

Ayden in the Big Red Car!
Ayden in the Big Red Car!

However, although the day was super fun, this poor Auntie is now struggling to keep her eyes open as she types this post out! Gee, I’m pretty sure as soon as my head hits the pillow, I’ll be out to it!


Tomorrow is back to normal for this quilter! I’ll be uploading my Mountain Block tutorial for you to watch (the edit has taken so much longer than usual!) and I’ll reunite myself with my sewing machine and get the inspirational juices flowing again! Yay!

But first, sleep!

Goodnight, friends!



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One thought on “September 22nd: One Tired Auntie!”

  1. Oh my goodness Amanda! I have two nephews here in Canada, aged 7 and 5, and the eldest is simply OBSESSED with Minecraft. I wish we had a similar place I could take them, and then I’d be one tired Auntie too. Thanks for sharing!! ~Diana from Toronto

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