Amelia’s 1st Birthday! | December Diary


The first of many December birthdays has begun with the celebration of my niece’s 1st birthday yesterday!


Truly, my family and I cannot believe just how fast the year has flown by since that very special day she was born! It seems like only yesterday (weird concept as yesterday was her actual birthday), we heard about the amazing start she had in life – born early in the morning in the family car on the way to the hospital! (She sure knew how to make an entrance!) Then later that evening seeing her, my brother and sister-in-law along with her four big brothers on the 6pm News, where her adventurous start in life was reported to the nation! Gotta admit, it was a pretty awesome day in the lives of the Rolfe family (and extended family too!) and such a wonderful way to start the Christmas season off! 🙂

Amelias1stBirthday- collage1

And now here she is, the big ONE, almost walking and taking in everything that life seems to bring – especially chocolate cake! (Good choice, my darling!)

Amelias1stBirthday- collage2

Happy 1st Birthday Amelia!

Big hugs & kisses,

Love Auntie



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