A New Obsession: Mini Quilt Blocks…

Looking for a challenge? Try making some mini quilt blocks! These adorable little blocks are so tiney-tiny, they make me feel like a giant with fat fumbly fingers. Finished block sizes range from three to five inches (7.6cm to 12.7cm) and are just so sweet to make and swoon over! These are the two I’ve made within the past 24 hours…



These beautiful blocks were sourced from a wonderful book called 130 Mini Quilt Blocks written by Susan Briscoe. There are so many I want to make including a little aeroplane, a kimono and the english traditions and art deco inspired blocks. Will definately share these at a later date!

In other quilting news, I finished the final touches to my BFF’s Cherry Quilt and gave it to her a few weeks ago. Thankfully she absolutely loved it and is all ready to snuggle underneath it just as the colder months are approaching us. The photo’s abit grainy and amaturish – but you can still see the elements of what makes up a finished quilt 🙂

I’m still in the process of Echo-Quilting my Zig-Zag quilt, trying mine and my sewing machine’s patience! We’re only half way but we quilt on and will triumphantly finish and parade it to the world via this wee blog!

There are a few more projects in the works but I’m not quite ready to post them up yet – these include a sweet little cot quilt, a Gum-Nuts Baby themed quilt and hopefully a future exhibition quilt for a NSW Quilter’s Guild competition with the theme of ‘My Garden’. Whew! Stayed tuned!

Happy Quilting! xx