Whoa. Whoa! WHOA!

Let’s just slow down a bit…

This year is just flying past way too quickly!

I mean, holy-moley it’s October already!

Here in Australia, we’re well and truly into our spring season (YES! *fist pump*) with temps reaching up to 30+ degrees already! I love it but can only imagine what summer will be like! (I’ll be living in the pool!)

But moving on from my random weather update ramble thing…ahem..my days have been so jammed packed of doing so much stuff!

And of course the most important stuff would be sewing – duh!

Over the last four days I’ve been prepping, prepping and prepping some more (phew!) all to be ready for the Spotlight Quilting Expo on the weekend.

And if you can believe it, after all that prepping there’s still more to do! (Will it ever end!!)

Prepping fabrics before ironing, cutting and piecing.
Prepping the fabrics before ironing, cutting and piecing.

But there’s no need to panic just yet…I’ll leave that until Saturday morning as I’m rushing out the door! eek!

Amongst all my prepping for prepping (huh??), I squeezed in some time to make some little mini quilts for a warms-the-depths-of-your-heart kind of cause.

Remember the mystery quilt I showed you at the end of my last post?

Well here it is in all its glory!

Mini Quilt Donation | No.1
Mini Quilt Donation | No.1 | 70cmx70cm

And here’s another…

Mini Quilt Donation | No. 2 | 65cmx65cm
Mini Quilt Donation | No. 2 | 65cmx65cm

These mini quilts have been specially made as part of a donation drive at my local Spotlight for the Neo-Natal and Maternity wards in one of our local hospitals. These little quilts will help brighten up the wards and add a homey touch to what can be a very stale and clinical environment. I think it’s such a wonderful idea and these hospital wards are always so thankful for donation drives such as this!

*Oh, I’m getting all emoch*

So, I shall continue on my way, prepping for Saturday and keeping the rising panic at bay while I inhale an unnatural amount of Raspberry M&M’s!

Why are you so strangely addictive and yummy?!
‘How can you be so strangely addictive and yummy at the same time?!’

Diet starts Monday! (Maybe…possibly not…no it won’t.)

Happy Sewing! x