A Convenient Side Project

Hexies: they’re the most wonderful hand and head project to under take during the insanely hot summer days we’ve been experiencing here in Sydney!

Over the past week or so I think I’ve churned out at least 150ish of these little six-edge beauties! This little robot hexie just has to be my favourite…


This was the only scrap of this fabric I could find anywhere – so it’s rare one-of-kind!

So through 40C+ heat today, I raided my stash for all of my pretty polka-dotty fabrics to begin a new project (involving hexies) that has been swirling around in my mind!



Hopefully it won’t side-track me too much from my 5 HTP Squared Quilt (see previous blog) which is ready to be pieced together, thus finishing the quilt top!

So, I’m keeping my self wonderfully busy – and cool during the hot sultry weather!

Happy Sewing! xx