TUTORIAL | Scrappy Log Cabin Block

I love making blocks with my scrap fabrics.

There’s something about mixing un-coordinated fabrics together to make a block look coordinated that strangely appeals to me.

(I hope that makes sense?)

I think it’s also the thrill of pairing fabrics you’ve used in separate projects and fusing them together into one little patchwork square – ahh, the memories!

(It’s the simple pleasures, right?!)

In my opinion, the Log Cabin block has to be one of the best stash-busting blocks you can make.

It’s quick, easy, super simple and can be so visually affective you swoon at the sight of it everyday!

So here I present to you a little video tutorial of how I make a very free and easy Scrappy Log Cabin Block!

If you’ve watched this and have any questions, post a comment here or on my YouTube channel and I’ll be more than happy to answer them.

Do you have any other blocks you would like me to demonstrate? Pop your suggestions in a comment and I’ll take them on board!

Happy Sewing Friends! xx