Fast Forward Quilting!

So here we go…

Over the last weeks I’ve been busily filming away so as I can present to you just what goes into making a quilt.

I think I’ve achieved what I initially set out to do and have gained a humble little quilt out of my efforts.

I simply wanted to make a video showing the time and effort that a quilter takes in making a small simple quilt as well as to introduce the face behind this blog (I finally got the courage to speak on this one!).

I also wanted to inject a fun, human side to my blog! (See the bloopers at the end!)

The quilt itself is a project I found in Elizabeth Hartman’s book, The Practical Guide to Patchwork, called Small Plates (p. 56)*.

As I mention in the video, I’ve ended up sewing only about 25 blocks, which has, in turn, made a lovely little lap quilt.



I must admit, this isn’t the best quilt I’ve ever made due to the fact that I rushed to get it finished so as I could finalise editing the video. But hey, I’m only human!

The quilting is as rough as guts, the binding is a bit bubbly in sections and a few of the blocks are slightly askew but that’s all thanks to my own shotty handiwork and not the pattern. But I still love it!



The quilt seems to simply possess a naïvely-handmade quality to it – which I just adore!

I must also admit that a few of my bad habits have snuck into the video…such as not ironing my fabric before I cut and sew it and rushing my quilting. Ooppsie!

So I hope you enjoy watching and that you are inspired to get quilting!

P.S. I filmed my speaking bits just as I was beginning to recover from the flu, so please excuse my nasally accent!

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Happy Sewing! xx

*I would like to take this moment to express that I hope, in any way possible, haven’t breached any copyright infringements or laws by using this book and project in my video. I would like to acknowledge that all of the information I have used concerning the book and project has come from the author of The Practical Guide to Patchwork published by C&T Publishing Inc., 2010.

This quilt is not for sale and is for personal use only.