A Life Update!

Hello friends!

How are you all? Jeez, it’s been a while since we last caught up! Although it may not seem it, lots and lots of things have been happening over on this side of the screen and I can’t wait to share them all with you!

But first, let’s have a bit of catch up! A detailed little life update if you may! 🙂

First off, I’m very happy to share that I’m now a qualified Florist! Yay! I finished my course a little over a week ago and passed with flying colours! Here are a few of the final designs we made in class! So many bridal bouquets!

IMG_6456 IMG_6501
So now that the course is over, I honestly don’t know what I’ll do with this new set of skills… Jobs are hard to come by without ‘industry experience’! (Typical!) I’m actually very interested in studying the next course up which teaches more intricate and creative arrangements as well as how to set up, manage and run a floristry business. So hopefully confirmation of that course going ahead comes about over the next coming weeks! It won’t be as time consuming as the previous course, with class happening once a week over a year, so I’ll be able to dedicate more time to my blog and YouTube channel again!

So if you’ve been out of the loop for a while, I recently returned back to my job at Spotlight where I work in the Fabric/Haberdashery department.

My sneaky selfie in the tea room!

Four years ago I left this job after being there for six years to pursue other things and adventures. Luckily for me, a position opened up in the department and I was happily offered a casual job! It’s been about a month since I started back and I’ve been getting some pretty decent hours each week which I’ve been very happy about! It has also been great working with some wonderful colleagues again as well as catching up with all of my regular customers!
So now that I’m working again, I can’t say how much it’ll impact on having the time to get content made and uploaded onto my YouTube channel… But with a new Quilt Along in the works, don’t worry too much – lots of new and exciting things will be coming very soon!

And mentioning all things Quilt Along, let’s have a chat about where I’m up to with the planning and designing!
So I’m sure you all know by now, the Quilt Along will be a Star Block Sampler and the series will be done in a similar way to the last one. A new block will come out each week and there’ll be a pattern sheet detailing all of the measurements and cutting instructions etc.

Brainstorming a few block designs!
Brainstorming some Star block designs!

At the moment, I hope to start the series sometime in the second half of July or very early August. Each block will be 12.5″ square (subject to change) and there’ll be either nine or twelve blocks, therefore the final size of the quilt is still in the planning!
Like last time, the Quilt Along will be sponsored by Dayview Textiles and I’m hoping to use a super fun new fabric range from Cotton+Steel – not telling which one yet, it’s a surprise! 😀
So the final stages of planning and designing will be happening this week and I’ll be sure to share with you more details as they come about! Yay, I’m so excited!

Another thing I wanted to quickly share with you were a few clips I filmed from the Sydney Craft & Quilt Fair last week. The video I made is unlisted, so if you click here it’ll take you straight to it. It’s only really short, showing you a few glimpses of Sydney Harbour (we caught the free ferry service from Circular Quay to the venue at Glebe Island) along with some of the beautiful quilts that were on display in the Quilt Show. I hope it gives you some inspiration!


Surprisingly, when it came to perusing the stalls and booths I didn’t spend up big like I have in previous years. I bought a few beautiful Tula Pink FQs (she was the special guest at the show this year, although I went on the day when she wasn’t there!) and a Drunkard Path template set that I’ve been wanting get for ages! And that’s it! I was so good and contained my inner quilter-monster who wants to buy everything at bay!

So in the meantime, while I plan my Quilt Along, there’ll be a few new tutorials going up onto my channel – penciled in is an Arrow block, a Flower Crown as well as a June Favourites video! I’ll also be going on a short break away this week up to my favourite holiday spot on the Central Coast and was thinking of either taking lots of pictures to share in a blog post or film it and make it into a little bit of a vlog for you to watch. Let me know which one you’d prefer!

So that’s it on my list of things to update you with! I do apologise for being so out of touch and away from all the social places I usually share things with you. I hope to be able to get back to a more regular schedule in the next coming weeks!

And just one last thing, a big thank you to everyone for being so excited about my Quilt Along and for letting me know how much you’ve missed me over the past few months! All of your feedback on my Facebook page and Instagram feed have been so wonderful to receive!

Enjoy the week ahead!

Happy Sewing, Friends!