September 21st: Three Simple Things

It’s been a quiet ol’ Monday here in the sewing room. To be honest, I actually found myself struggling to find something to write about today as it’s just been all editing and no play!

But there are three simple things that have made this day a good one. Three simple things that have been my favourites from the day…



I figured out how to make my beloved manky old Mickey Mouse watch to work again! After buying it on eBay years ago, I only recently had a new battery placed in it. The watch worked beautifully for a few weeks after and then I noticed it slowing down very, very gradually! Boo!! Then today, I saw something that made me think that perhaps it’s one of those watches that needs to be wound every now and then to keep it on time… So I put the watch back to the proper time and then gave the dial on the side a real good wind… And 8 hours later, the time is still absolutely perfect! Yay! So hopefully I’ve now figured out how to keep this watch working properly so that I can wear it again! Fingers crossed!


This beautiful new song by my favourite singer/songwriter, Passenger has completely made my day! It’s called Restless Wind and I’m pretty sure I’ve played it near one hundred times today! (Well, perhaps not that many times!) All of his songs always, so simply, make me feel more calm and grounded whenever I feel anxious or stressed while also having this ability to pick me up and make me feel happy! (Even the sad, heartbreaking songs!) I am always blown away at how melodic and soul-touching Mike’s lyrics and cords are each time I hear a new song from him! If you’ve never heard his stuff before, you can check out his music on his YouTube channel! (May I recommend this one: Hearts on Fire w/Ed Sheeran… Oh, the harmonies!!)

No. 3


Last night I received this lovely book called ‘Be Brave. Be Bold.’ (from Kikki.K) from one of my dearest friends, Sam for my birthday. It’s full of wonderful quotes and words of inspiration and encouragement that I’ve absolutely loved reading over today. For such a little book, it packs a punch in getting you back into the right frame of mind to get shiz done and not give up! Love it!!

This is a favourite!
This is a favourite!


Those are my three simple things that have made this day a good one. What are your three simple things that have made your day a good one? Let me know!