Hello world!

Whoo! Hello World!

First day of my brand new shiney blog!

I hope to be able to share with you, the world or who ever wants to read about my rantings, my love and passion about all things patchwork, quilting, sewing, fabric, colour, pattern, line, embroidery, photography and even food! But mostly it’ll be about patchwork and quilting…YAY!!

I’ve read a fair few blogs over the years and find them great sources of information, attracting my attention to some awesomely talented people in this lovely world. Hopefully I can give some back to the internet/blog world and inspire others to take out their sewing machines, buy some beautiful fabrics and create something that they’ll always be proud of! Hopefully after that they would’ve caught the sewing bug and keep going!!

So, recent projects that are happening at the moment are I’ve just finish (literally only a day ago) a stunning quilt I made for my cousin in the U.K. She wanted purples and lilacs to feature in the quilt and I ended making a queen sized quilt titled ‘Purple Rain’. I’ll post a photo up in the next few days along with a photo timeline of the quilt slowly coming together!

Also in the works is a cute little cot quilt for my third nephew who is due Christmas Day!! I’ve chosen a sweet little jungle themed print and matched coordinating coloured spots, stripes and checked fabrics to accomany it – photos to come! xx


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