May 18th: The Name Origin of 3and3quarters!

So a request came in from one of my fabulous regular readers, Sharon (go check her blog out!) to share with you the origins of my blog’s name – 3and3quarters. I really can’t remember if I’ve shared the story behind it… It’s nothing too long or complicated or philosophical… Just a name that stood out and felt right!


**Flash Back to mid 2011**

As you may already know, I used to work at Spotlight in the Dress department, where I would listen to numbers and measurement requests and cut fabric all day long. I’d have so many different combinations of measurement requests thrown at me (in the nicest way possible of course!) from one-and-a-half-metres to two-and-a-quarter-metres so and so forth. So as I was brainstorming for a name to call a blog and online store I was hoping to set up, I kept coming back to the notion of naming it around a measurement. I thought it would be highly appropriate as what I do (quilting and sewing) is heavily based around numbers and measurements etc. So when I went through in my head the measurements that I was continually hearing at work, three-and-three-quarters struck a chord. I loved how it seemed to roll off my tongue and how it had a bit of an alliteration under-tone to it. It also seemed like a great name that wouldn’t be so easily forgotten!

Me in 2011!

So once the name was chosen, the real tricky bit I had was deciding on how to write the name out:




3and3quarters – bingo!

And then from there, I worked up the guts to register for a blog domain and then wrote and published my first-ever post!

Since then, there have been lots of different updates and re-designs of my logo and blog layout as well as the gain of so many new quilty friends!! Yay!

Here are a few ways things have changed over the years…

The top logo banner at the beginning is a fashion drawing of a girl I drew up during my ‘inspired to be fashion designer’ phase! Happily the phase didn’t last as I would’ve been a rubbish fashion designer! I’d instantly crumble under the pressure! The quilt in the background of that picture is the Rail Fence Quilt I showed you in My Quilt Collection video earlier this year.





The last three banners were made on one of my favourite online photo editor websites called Pic Monkey! The site has some great tools to edit photos with as well a handy platform to make your own designs and creations from scratch!


So that in a nut shell is how the name, 3and3quarters came about! I think it’s been working well over the years and people are beginning to associate the name with the things that I do online (which is very exciting!).

I’m curious… How did you come to find me and my blog? Was it through my YouTube channel? Instagram? Pinterest? A friend or favourite blogger? I would love to know!


I hope you’re all having a lovely week!

Happy Sewing, Friends!



25 responses to “May 18th: The Name Origin of 3and3quarters!”

  1. I was on Facebook and a post came up with your paper piecing mug wall hanging free pattern. I was interested so I clicked on it and it took me to your you tube channel tutorial and I have enjoyed watching your tutorials ever since. It is this specific tutorial that gave me the understanding and confidence to start my first paper piecing project.


  2. Amanda, I’m truly grateful to you! I stumbled upon you on Instagram and stared following you and then found out you were on YouTube! I have been a faithful follower ever since. I’ve learned so much watching your videos! I really enjoy them! Your knowledgable and easy to follow. I love the name of your blog! 👏👏👏. Thank you for everything! I can’t wait for ur next video!!
    Ruth Andres

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  3. Interest…google? First was (I think) the Purple Rain(?) quilt…then I heard your voice, then I was looking for bear paw patterns and ideas a year later and came across you and your work and tutorials again! So I signed up…first blog I’ve ever subscribed to, actually. Carry on!

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  4. Thank you Amanda!! I love learning the background behind the name. I found you through YouTube when I started quilting about 18 months ago. Your tutes are always so easy to follow and well explained and I love following your QALs 😉

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  5. I love this! It feels like so long ago that I discovered you but I’m prettttttty sure it was through youtube – your video about quilt labels! I am still head over heels for that quilt label you made for your niece’s quilt!! *insert ALL the heart eyes* ❤ ❤ ❤

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  6. I’m glad someone else asked about the name. I’ve wondered where it came from. I love your tutes…so easy to follow. Have you cried yet that DiNozzo left NCIS? Ho hum

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  7. I am a fairly new “regular reader” of your blog and I love it. I recently took a class in foundation paper piecing and fell in love with it. In my search for more information to study, I came across your blog and in turn your YuoTube videos. I must say, yours is the only blog I actually read, top to bottom. Thank you for so much inspiration. Love it!

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  8. I was looking for a tutorial on you tube and you showed up!
    Although my English is at level school, I can understand why you speak clearly and not too fast.
    I love your shots that are sharp and that leave no doubt!
    I love the way you organize your work!!
    Happy to have found you!
    All Your publication is a joy!
    Good! Good! Good!!!

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  9. I’m pretty sure I was watching a tutorial on YouTube and your friendly face appeared in a video along the right side as another option of something to watch. I started watching you then and have enjoyed every minute of it!

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