Fast Days & Sleepless Nights…

Tired. So very tired.

Had a near sleepless night last night, thanks to a happy little frog in our backyard croaking away until 4.30am. If only I could’ve caught it and made it go ‘POP in the microwave’!

TAFE (Art School) started last week and it has been full on, hectic, challenging and fun. The days are flying by! Tomorrow in painting class where making our own canvas’ from scratch – yay! *Insert sarcasm* For printmaking we’re focusing on black and white relief/lino prints with the theme of ‘self-portrait’. I’m basing mine on a patchwork block self portrait by using real fabrics (spots and florals) ‘sewn’ in with a picture of yours truely! Easy to say, I’m very excited about where this idea could end up and the potential result at the end.

Amongst all the fast busy days and sleepless nights, I’ve obviously found the time to do some sewing! Putting the right priorities ahead of my Art School homework, I’ve completed my next two blocks (February) for my Craftsy’s Block of the Month and I LOVE them!!

It was a  little bit tricky getting the triangles around the right way according to the pattern guide, but I succeded and would definately make them again in another quilt!

A few blogs ago, I wrote about my love for embroidery stitcheries and I posted a-just-started project of a gorgeous little lion, that I sourced from Urban Threads. Well….here’s the finished little guy – isn’t he the sweetest!?

 I really enjoyed stitiching this little guy – especially around his tight geometric mane curls and moustache like whiskers….so sweet!

And last, but not least, I’ve almost finished my Cherry Retro quilt my BFF; quilted in one day and now awaiting for red and white spot binding and a loving ‘Made by Me Just for You’ label on the back….will attempt to do this on the weekend 😀

Oh, and one last thing, I recieved some beautiful Charm Square packs from Fabric Patch in the mail last week all ready for the next project. I bought ‘Half Moon Modern’, ‘Ruby’ and ‘Bella Solids’ all By Moda.  There’s a few ideas rolling around in my mind – the only issue is choosing which one to explore first!

Happy Sewing! xx

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