Here’s to a Summer We Never Had!

One of the best feelings in the world for a quilter is the spark of excitement you get when starting a new quilt! It’s all about that instant thrill and buzz you get when finding the right pattern, mixing and matching the right colours and prints and then beginning! The first cut into the fabric, the first sight of a crisply sewn and ironed block lying on your desk, the feeling of triumph and satisfaction rising in your chest! *sigh* I just love quilting!

So obviously after that stirring paragraph, I’ve started a new project!! Whoo! Complimenting my addiction for half-square triangles at the moment, I found this very quick and simple pattern from work that we give out for free when a new range of quilting fabric comes in. This was for Denyse Schmidts’  Daisy Mae quilting range we just received, in which I swoon over and must touch every time I’m at work! You can find at Spotlight’s homepage, print it out and make it yourself!

Unfortunately, I didn’t use D.S’ fabric as I’m a poor art student and really need to start using the endless amounts of fabric I have stacked up all over the place (it was very hard to restrain myself from buying new fabric!). I chose a beautiful cool colour palette of lime greens and turquoisey blues with brilliant white homespun. Very summery indeed!

160 beautifully crisp and freshly cut triangles ready to be chain-stitched….what a beautiful sight!

I chose these four prints as each pair complete each other, the colours are similar and I love using different sized prints as they add movement and contrast to the overall look of the quilt. Plus I really like them….

Admittedly, at the point I took this photo, I hadn’t yet ironed my rows or stitched them together to finish it off, but I was way too excited to finally see how it had all come together and look so beautiful! Since sewing all those 160 triangles together, I was astonished at just how quick this quilt came together and at how easy-peasy it was!

Now that Autumn has arrived here in Australia, I’ve decided to dedicate this quilt to the summer we never had. To those who have no clue what I’m talking about, all it ever did this past summer season (the last three months and counting) was rain. I think we had maybe 7 or 8 days of the beautifully hot Australian summer sun and that was it – the rest of the time it rained. And still is. So here’s to a summer we never had!

And now I’m up to the dreaded part of basting….I hate basting! But I’ll suck it up and just do it as I know how ridiculously sweet it will look when it’s finished!

Happy Sewing! xx


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6 thoughts on “Here’s to a Summer We Never Had!”

  1. I love all of your half square triangles. I, too, have a love of the HSTs. Being a new quilter, that is the first thing I taught myself how to make and they are wonderful. Made my first lap quilt with them. Working on my second with HSTs. I may never stop making HSTs.


    1. Half square triangles are the best! I love how there’s so many different block variations you can make with them. I also love it when I see a new quilt pattern and wonder ‘how have they done that?’ and then realise it’s all just HSTs and it would be so quick and easy to make! Ahh the joys of quilting 😀


  2. I also feel like summer passed us by this year, but the cooler temperatures did offer more opportunities for camping, which was a huge plus. 40 degree days are never welcome in a tent. Of course, right now we also need to spare a thought for all those people who are facing floods, yet again.

    I’ll be making a zig zag scrappy quilt very soon. Hope it turns out as nice as yours did.


    1. I agree with the cooler weather when it comes to camping; my family and I take our caravan up to the Central Coast during the holidays and it’s never fun sweltering in a 40+ annex!
      And yes, we definately need to think of those who are suffering through the floods; my local area is suffering from the expansion of the Neapean and Hawkesbury River systems.
      Goodluck with your zigzag scrappy quilt!


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