I love my job!

Each freezing winter morning over the past week, I’ve reluctantly rolled out of bed with a heavy sigh, blasted my self with a welcoming stream of hot water in the shower, eaten my toast and then drunk a mug of delightful green tea – all to prepare myself for a wonderful day of sewing! With a skip, jump and a beaming smile I immerse myself into my wonderful world of fabrics, threads, needles and scissors!

First of all, I finished my friends Butterfly Cot Quilt and sent it out earlier this week. Beautiful baby Alena Grace was born 26th June and is just the sweetest little thing ever! A BIG congratulations to the proud Mumma and her family!!

I’m so thrilled with how well the Stippling came out and how it adds character and depth to the over-all theme of the quilt. Yay!

It’s July! Which means with a new month comes two new Craftsy BOMs! This month was discovering how to do traditional and modern Dresden Plates or Wheels.

I have done a few Dresdens before in the past but it’s always handy to see how others tackle them – with no doubt you always end up learning something new!

Progress is definitely happening with the How Does Your Garden Grow? competition quilt. It’s coming together a lot faster than I had anticipated but that’s always a good thing, I guess.

I’ve set myself a goal to finish hand piecing together the quilt top by the end of the day – even that means sitting up until midnight!

As always, to feed my constant need to continuously start something new, I dug out of my stash a Charm Pack that I’ve being dying to find a use for and started to cut and sew them into HST ready to piece them together to either make a chevron inspired table runner or door hanging….

The fabrics are from a Moda range called Half Moon Modern. I loved the colours and prints as soon as I saw them. I’m giddy with excitement for the finished product!

Now it’s time to turn the heater on, pour myself a nice cuppa, insert a good DVD and finish hand piecing my competition quilt. Here’s to a productive afternoon – or should I say ‘crafter-noon’!

Happy Sewing!! xx


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