Hello Neglecterino!

Aww, my poor neglected blog! It’s almost been a whole month since I last posted! Whoopsie-daisy!

I believe there has been quite a considerable and understanding reason why I’ve been so neglectful. I’m four weeks into my uni studies and I’m finally beginning to feel like I’m back on my feet, knowing where I’m going and settling into a comfortable routine.

However, it’s hardly given me any time to devote my self to my sewing machine.

Last week I purposely took off a few afternoons to complete my September Craftsy BOM. I admit, even now, I’m procrastinating from finishing an essay that’s due this coming Monday, but I’m aiming to get that finished by tomorrow night – which will be quite a simple thing to do! (Knock on wood!)

This months Crafty BOM were focusing on curved piecing, something that I’ve never-ever attempted before – mainly because I had no idea how to as well as feeling a bit hesitant in my sewing skills.

Although being quite a fiddly and time-consuming technique, I generally like the concept and end result of curved piecing. I’m not sure whether I’d like to do a whole quilt using this technique!

Last week I received in the mail a very happy surprise: a copy of the magazine I used to work for with one of my projects on the front cover along with a charity article I wrote while I was there.

My project is the cushion on the front – Stacked Coins

While the article I wrote was about Pillowcases for Oncology Kids, a charity run by a wonderful teenager (a cancer patient herself) giving the gift of handmade pillowcases to children suffering from cancer and related illnesses in hospital.

The magazine is on sale until mid October (I think?) so go buy a copy and be inspired by such a wonderful young lady!

In news unrelated to sewing, it was my 25th birthday this Monday just past and I wanted to share with you the birthday cupcakes I made, in which I’m very proud of. Apologies: there’s none left!

There’s more big news to come, but I won’t spill the beans yet as even I don’t know the finished outcome of said news! All will be revealed early next week!

Stay tuned!

Happy Sewing! xx


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2 thoughts on “Hello Neglecterino!”

  1. glad you found time to post this, your blogs are always an inspiration, the curved blocks are very interesting i might give them a go they would look great as a panel or insert on a bag keep up the good work and i will be intrigued to see what your news is next week.


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