A Slow Lazy Week

It’s been quite a quiet and slow moving week on the sewing front. I’ve lazily taken the week to sew on the first border of my Jacob’s Ladder quilt while experimenting with a HST border, in an attempt to use up some of the leftover 2.5inch squares of DS Quilts fabric.

I also did a lazy mans attempt at bunting. Springing from an idea I saw on Pinterest, I dug out some coloured twine, matching fabric (British themed) and drew up a diamond shape on some plastic template.

I traced around the diamond template onto the fabrics I had chosen, then cut along the lines with pinking shears to avoid any fraying and then (here’s the lazy bit!) I stapled the little folded fabric flags over the twine– and TAHTAH – Lazy Mans Bunting: British Style.(In no way am I implying the British are lazy. I love the British!)

I’m not sure what I’ll do with the bunting, but I’ll find it a home somewhere in the house.

It seems this week I’ve been doing everything else but sewing. I’ve spent time in the kitchen cooking delicious food stuffs – orange shortbread (a household favourite and greedily finished by the end of the day!)

and a disaster of a carrot cake that definitely tasted better than it looked. It actually came out as more of a carroty-crumbly-moosh than a cake which had deflated and pancaked 2 minuets after it had come out of the oven. (No photos of this one – I’m too ashamed!) What made the experience of making this cake worse was that it had about ten billion steps in its method making that were time consuming and complicated. I mean how hard can it be to make a simple carrot cake?! Never, and I mean NEVER, will I be making that recipe again! I felt as deflated as the cake was after making it; it didn’t even deserve the mouth watering cream-cheese frosting that was meant to be slathered generously on top!!!

So, there is another reason why I’ve been distracted from my sewing table this week and which I’ve been devoting my waking hours to and that is Harry Potter. I’ve dedicated myself to re-reading the entire series again, which isn’t something too difficult to do. Within one week I’ve become a serious bookworm and have read the first three books while only this morning I brought down from the bookshelf HP & the Goblet of Fire, ready to cozy up on the lounge and begin reading.

The books are so hard to put down, even though I’ve read them many times before. I’m not ashamed to admit I’m a Pott-Head. I even have a Pinboard on Pinterest dedicated to my love for Harry Potter and the brilliance of JK Rowling. So there, I’ve just outed myself as a massive geek (and possible loser?) but who isn’t when it come to these things?!

So from looking after my three beautiful nephews pretending to be Princes for an evening…

To enjoying a glorious teaser of Spring (albeit windy) weather in Sydney with a much deserved unhealthy lunch treat on Monday…

I’ve had a great week before ready myself into beginning my online university studies next week!

Happy Sewing!! xx


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3 thoughts on “A Slow Lazy Week”

  1. Hello. I just found your blog because of a star block that came up on my google search. However, it’s the Jacob’s Ladder quilt that REALLY caught my eye – it.is.gorgeous. Well done! But about that Orange Shortbread recipe. Care to share? I am lucky enough to have a neighbor whose orange tree branches overhang the back fence and those trees are loaded with Satsumas almost ready to pick. Thanks!!


    1. Hello! Thanks for your lovely comments regarding my Jacob’s Ladder quilt – much appreciated!
      I’ve just posted up the Orange Shortbread recipe in my latest blog entry (A Few of my Favourites) – a few other people have been requesting it too!
      Hope the shortbread comes out well for you!


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