Life vs. Life

Textbooks - urgh!
Textbooks – urgh!

I think it’s obvious to say that my quilting life does not mix well with my newly appointed university life!

Four and a half weeks into the semester, I’ve only been able to dedicate precious time to my sewing machine this past weekend.

After a hectic week of rushed essays and failed-in-revision in-class tests, I spoilt my self to a whole weekend of sewing (and movie marathons!)

And to this weeks flavour of the month project…

Where like all inspiration is found, I was intrigued by a wonky paper-pieced log cabin design I randomly came across on Pinterest and thought, ‘I could easily draw up one of those!’

And so I did!

Wonky Log Cabin Paper Piece Template
Wonky Log Cabin Paper Piece Template

In a desperate bid to devour some of my ever-growing fabric scraps, I chose to construct the blocks in different colour ways from my scraps…

First block Triumph!
Pretty Colour Ways!
Pretty Colour Ways!

Each one is pieced in a totally random fashion: I approached the construction in a very laid back and non-pluss attitude. I think it worked out well!

ATM, the yellow is my favourite – so sunny and happy – and you can easily see the differing angles and what not.

I’ve three more to make: brown, grey and black. I’ll sash them together with white homespun that will really allow the colours to pop! Binding: possibly a creamy-type homespun…

Who actually knows when and if this little quilt will be finished…Life just seems too full at the moment!

Happy Sewing!


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