Oh, the cleverness of me! (There’s no modesty here!)

Look what I’ve learnt to do; Crochet!


The chance finally came by to intensely learn the ins-and-outs of this tricky skill in my textile lecture a few weeks ago. The aim was to make a hyperbolic crochet form – that is, a form which is exaggerated or overstated in curve.


So whatever this actually does become, I’m proud of the effort and skill I’ve learnt in making it.

I also thought I would share my Sashiko embroidery project with you. This is another technique I’ve learnt in my textile class. This design has been based on two chosen forms of inspiration: Chevrons and direction (as in life’s direction).



This particular example has been stitched with a piece of cotton batting on the back, giving an added aspect of interest and dimension. I’ve consciously been aware to keep my design as traditional possible; that is, using navy linen combined with white (and red) thread for the stitches.

Sashiko embroidery is insanely simple and effective that I’ve begun to plan some designs that I want to stitch out in my own time for my own enjoyment. Hopefully I can share some of those with you soon – depending on how I arrange my time between never-ending university work and just-as-important craft time!

Happy Sewing!

P.S. Happy Easter too! He is Risen!


2 responses to “Oh, the cleverness of me! (There’s no modesty here!)”

  1. Congratulations on learning crochet.

    That Sashiko embroidery project is very striking. I love it.

    It sounds like you have chosen a university course that really suits your interests and your talents. Good for you.


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