Hello Bubba!

I’m an Auntie once more!

Baby Xavier was born Thursday morning and is an absolute cutie!


And of course, I made him a quilt!



The blocks were constructed using the Quilty Crosses method by Auntie Cookie –  the same I used when making my Minimalist: 101 Quilt.

I just wanted to make a quilt that was simple, modern and bright…and a bit boyish as well!

Here are some piccys I took along the way…

Ready for basting
Ready for basting
Let's get quilting!
Let’s get quilting!
Quilting Lines | Front
Quilting Lines | Front
Quilting Lines | Back
Quilting Lines | Back
It's Binding Time!
It’s Binding Time!

Current News:

I have a few projects on the go (as you do!):

  • String Quilt – ready for basting | Saving $$ for the copious amount of batting I’ll need to complete it!
  • A video! Whoo! I’m venturing into new territory here and have begun filming something special based around this quilt…
Mystery Film Quilt!
Mystery Film Quilt!

I’m a quarter of the way through filming and editing and will post it up ASAP. Oh and FYI, it won’t really be a teaching/tutorial video but more of a watch-and-see-how-a-quilt-is-made kinda video. Hopefully it works out!

That’s it today! I’m off to enjoy the winter afternoon sun!

Happy Sewing! xx


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